Updates for 8-2-07

Hello today!

Thank you for continuing to send in your comments – on the blog and through our feedback survey. We are reading every response. Even if we cannot respond to you individually know that every issue is going on a task list to fix or improve and/or letting us know what we need to explain here on the blog. For any specific issue the best way to get help is through our Help System so we can track issues and communicate back and forth.

DropBox and Video and Photo Uploading

The new DropBox that was release when the new site went live had some upload issues that we discussed yesterday. Those were fixed so now you can re-download the DropBox and it will now upload new photos and videos in the larger and higher quality version that fits the new DropShots service level and design. Download New DropBox Here

Calendar View

We have had several people comment that they preferred the calendar organization and viewing of the old site. Yes, we know that one of the unique features of DropShots is you can just drag in a file folder of photos and videos (even dozens of years worth) and it will automatically organize every photo and video according to the date the image was originally taken. Then you can view it in that order on DropShots. That still exists, now it is a much more dynamic and easier to navigate format.

When you first go to your user page you see ALL your recently uploaded photos and videos according to date (latest on top) and your most recent comments. On the left you will see a tab called "By Date".

Click that tab and it will open up the calendar.

Now click on any year and you will see the months open up.

Click on the month you want to see and walla!

You can also just click on the year to see all that year’s photos and videos.

Additionally, we are finishing up the Search feature. That will enable you to find photos according to just photos or videos, Tags/keywords or rating.

Blog Links

If you uploaded a photo or video to DropShots then you embedded it into a blog or external website all those photos and videos are showing and working fine. One known bug is that if you click on that photo or video, it should take the viewer to your DropShots page. Right now it is not. This has been added to the list to fix. You do not have to do anything, once we have fixed it the links will work again.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback, that is how we are making this better and better! Our development team is being fed RedBull, coffee or green tea (sometimes all 3 at once!) intraveneously and working around the clock to optimize everything. We appreciate your patience and continued support!

Darren Hardy
CEO, DropShots

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