Tutorial of DropShots 2.0 new features


See video tutorials too! HERE

First be sure to download the New DropBox. There are several new features to it including the settings that allow you to upload much larger and higher quality photos and videos.


You can navigate your entire experience of DropShots on the left navigation.

By Date – This is one of the fantastic features of DropShots. DropShots automatically identifies the date and time you originally took the photo or video and automatically arranges them accordingly. On this tab you can drill down to find any photo or video in your entire library by date taken.

When you click on the tab it opens up to show you all the years you have uploaded files. Click on the "+" sign and it will open up all the months as well.


Albums – You can now organize your photos and videos on DropShots into albums! Just click on the Albums tab, then click on "Create a New Album" and give it a name:

Now just drag-n-drop the photo and/or video thumbnails into the album you just created. You can select multiple thumbnails at a time by using the Cntrl or Shft keys:

Trash – You can delete albums, friends and photos and videos by just dragging-n-dropping into the trash. You can select multiple thumbnails at at time by using the Ctrl or Shft button.

Search – coming soon! You will be able to search by tag (any word from a title, caption or comment) and rating for either photos, videos or both.

 Infinite Scroll On every section of the new DropShots site you can scroll infinitely without ever needing to refresh or click to another page.

On the User Home page:

And the thumbnails on the Large View can be scrolled infinitely:

To Post your photo or video to a blog:

1) Go to a photo or video you would like to post on your blog. Click the Blog icon on the transparency of your photo or video.

2) Click on the appropriate icon for where you want to post it – done!


1) Select the HTML code by clicking once on the code in the box. 
2) Copy the HTML code by right-clicking the code and selecting ‘Copy’. 
3) Open up a second browser window and log in to your blog account
4) Select create new blog entry. 
5) Select HTML or Source option.
6) Paste in your HTML code
7) Click the View Source checkbox again to uncheck it and return to rich-edit mode.
8) Now you will see your photo or video and can continue to edit your blog entry as normal.

To password protect your account
(now available to both Premium and Basic membership!):

WARNING: Now everyone will have to remember the URL to your DropShots page as well as this password. DropShots does not allow search engines to index your photos and videos so only someone who knows your URL will ever have access to your site anyway. Password protection is just another layer of security if you feel you want it.

1) Click on the "Settings" link at the top of any Dropshots page.
2) Click on the "User Settings" tab at the left.
4) Where it says "Password Protection" enter your own personal password.
5) Click on "Save".

To email your photos and videos to friends:

1) Go to your user page after you have uploaded some photos or videos. 
2) Double click on a photo to get to the "Large View" 
3) Click the Email icon on the transparency of the photo or video


4) Select the email client you use to send email.

5) Enter your family and friends’ email addresses. You may enter multiple email addresses at once. 
6) Enter your personal message. Click Send.

See video tutorials too! HERE

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