The New Redesigned DropShots Is Here

New dropshotsHave you noticed that DropShots looks different? We’re really excited to announce our latest DropShots redesign where we made it more social and user-friendly. Let me give you a quick overview of the most important changes.

Responsive Design

Now DropShots is fully responsive. This means that you can access it from any desktop or mobile device and it will look good and feel comfortable to use.

More Sort Order Options

We’ve added an option for you to sort your photos and videos by taken date (for photos uploaded after 2012) or upload date. You can also sort photo from oldest to newest and vice versa. And you can edit the titles for your media a lot easier than before.

New Friends Page Layout and Options

We’ve done a lot of work on the Friends page and on DropShots’ social features. We’ve redesigned the Friends page, so that now it has an all-new layout (we hope you like it!) and we’ve added a new Friend Requests and Sent Request sidebar on the Friends page. We’ve also moved the timeline to a new location – now it’s on the right-hand side of every screen.

dropshots friends

Improved Commenting

We’ve also improved how commenting works on DropShots. Profile comments now appear to the left of the screen on your Main Profile, Photos, Videos, and Favorites screens. You can now edit comments as well as delete the comments you don’t like.

In addition to all this, there are lots of under-the-hood improvements including new parallax cover photos and redesigned main and sub-nav bars that make DropShots more fun to use than ever before.


2 thoughts on “The New Redesigned DropShots Is Here

  • December 23, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Wonderful, thankyou for the interface improvements except why give me a cover photo that I don’t have control over? – there are photos I definitely don’t want to be cover photos, especially those upon which I have restricted user access. DUH.

    Pity the glitches in the program have not improved… same sh** as before. I uploaded a batch of 49 photos, but nothing shows as having been uploaded today. So I upload them again, thinking the operation was aborted, but now it shows DOUBLES of them all – ie, now 98 photos. So I now have to delete 49 photos, but will the same thing now happen that happened to me the last time – because I have deleted one copy of each photo, when Dropbox does its backup or update or restore or whatever the hell it does, “thinking the photo has been deleted” it deletes the original (remaining) copy as well? If I log on & find my 50 photos missing (as many photos still are from my other albums, where this happened the last time) I will be furious.

    Just to make it that bit harder – in the “Photos” area, sorted by upload date (& BTW I click on Ascending/Descending & it doesn’t change), it shows that I have uploaded 98 photos today… however when I click on “See all 98”, it tells me “This gallery is empty”. How the *%!$ am I supposed to access the photos I uploaded today?

    This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING & I still would not be able to recommend Dropbox to ANYONE as long as it continues to glitch in these ways.

    Yours sincerely Julietta

    • January 3, 2017 at 5:47 am

      Hi Julietta, I’ve passed your comment to our support team. I hope they’ll be able to help. By the way, you say “Dropbox” and we are DropShots. Just wanted to be clear that you’re not confusing the two services because DropShots doesn’t do backups.


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