The Elements of a Great Photo

elements of a great photoTaking great photos is a combination of being able to see the world through a camera lens, technique, and pure luck. Every great photo is a result of several elements working together. While sometimes anyone can get lucky and take the perfect photo by chance, you should be aware of these elements and try to make them work in perfect harmony. In this article I’m going to list the most important elements of a great photo.


The subject is the most important element of any photo. If your photo lacks a subject, it doesn’t matter how technically perfect it is. Without a subject any photo is a snapshot where the viewer doesn’t really get what you wanted to say.


Even if you found a great subject for your photo, you still need to compose your photo well to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject. Try to make the most of the scene and avoid making your subject either too small or too large (unless you’re doing macro). Remember that a well-composed photo is all about balance.


No matter where and when you’re taking your photos, lighting is what either makes or kills your photo. Try experimenting with different light at different times of day, don’t be afraid to use flash and try using different sources of light when shooting indoors.

All Things Technical

And last but not least, it’s the technical elements that help you make a great photo. Great subject, composition and lighting are worth nothing if your photo is out of focus, over- or underexposed and is titled in a weird way. Here your camera’s manual is the greatest help because it will help you master things like focus, exposure, aperture and shutter speed. When you’ve learned all about your camera’s features and options, make sure to experiment with them all to get the best results.

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