Take Photos with Your Smartphone Camera to Improve Your Photography Skills

Hand holding mobile smart phoneA lot of professional photographers still think that people who take photos with their smartphones are the worst type of amateurs. While everyone is entitled to having an opinion, taking photos with your smartphone can improve your photography skills. Plus the quality of the photos won’t be at all bad because these days mobile devices have fabulous cameras.

The main advantage of your smartphone’s camera is that it’s always with you, so you can start taking photos whenever you see something beautiful and interesting. You can use it as often as you like and easily experiment. Moreover, if you learn to take great photos with all the limitations of a smartphone camera, you’ll progress to taking stunning photos with a better camera. So, here are some tips that will help you improve your photography skills while on mobile.

Improve Your Composition

Taking photos with your mobile device is a great way to improve your composition. Your phone’s screen is perfect for checking out how your photo would look, so take your time and compose the image properly. This post on our blog features a very useful photo composition tip.

Don’t forget to use the rule of thirds because it will help you see the balance in the scene. Also look for balancing elements when you put your subject off center.

Learn to Control Exposure, White Balance and Focus

Most smartphone camera apps let you control exposure, white balance and focus. Learning how to use these features will help you a lot when you move to shooting with a dSLR or a mirrorless camera. You can control the focus when you tap on your screen and usually that alters exposure too. If you want to access white balance and exposure settings, click on the Settings icon.

Generally speaking, it’s better to underexpose your images a bit because that prevents your photos from looking washed out. Not to mention that it’s easy to compensate exposure with any photo editing app.

Learn Some Post Processing

Being on a mobile doesn’t mean that you can’t learn some post processing. Check out Adobe Photoshop Express, Fotor, and Pixlr for best results.

Use the DropShots App (iOS)

If you’re on an iPhone or an iPad, use the DropShots free app to take photos, organize them into albums, apply different filters, and share them on the site.

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