How to Use Color to Enhance Composition

blue doorThere’s no art without composition and in visual arts color can help you enhance it. While an artist can decide which colors to use, a photographer needs to locate them there and then, an use the available colors to the maximum. Here are some tips that will help you enhance your composition with the use of color.

Silhouette Photography

Creating silhouettes against a glowing sunset sky is probably the most commonly used trick. If you do things right, the effect can be stunning. This technique is ideal for times when your subject can’t be properly exposed or when you want to concentrate on background colors.

When Less Is More

If you like minimalism, then you’ll enjoy taking photos of almost monochrome objects or backgrounds with a single spot of contrasting color. Basically, you’ll be using selective color without editing your photos in Photoshop or another editor. And while this technique has its limits, you’ll find thousands of ways to use it.

Shining Photos

Another great technique is using backlight. This technique creates a very special atmosphere and truly makes your photos shine. Be careful with backlight, though, because setting the right exposure can be tricky. Configuring exposure manually is ideal, but if you are not 100% comfortable with it, take several shots of the same subject using exposure compensation. Don’t worry about creating too many images of the same thing because you can always delete the ones you don’t need with an app like Duplicate Photo Cleaner.

These are just a few ideas on how to use color to enhance your photos. Feel free to experiment and let your creativity guide you to truly stunning photography.

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