How to Upload Your Photos and Videos the Easy Way

Storing your photos with DropShots has a lot of advantages – your photos are securely backed up in the cloud, you can share them with your friends and family whenever you want to, you can access them from anywhere, no matter where you are. Plus it’s an efficient way to organize your photo collection. Plus it’s FREE. However, there are people who still prefer organizing their photos the traditional way because they think that uploading them online will take a lot of time. But that’s not so. With DropShots you can upload your photos really quickly and easily.

DropShots offers two ways to upload files – the traditional browser uploader and DropBox, a desktop tool that allows you to drag & drop files and folders to upload them. While the browser uploader is great for uploading one or two photos, DropBox is ideal for uploading albums. The advantages are obvious – you can upload folders with your photos by simply dragging them into the app window.

Using DropBox is really easy. When you log into your DropShots account for the first time, you will be offered to upload some photos. The first option will be to download the app:


Click on Get DropBox and download the installation file. When the download is finished, install and run the app. You will be prompted to enter your DropShots username and password and then you are ready to upload your photos. To upload your photos, simply drag & drop them into the app window in the Windows notification area:

upload photos

Once your photos and videos are uploaded, your account will be opened in a new browser tab, so that you can view your photos and organize them in your DropShots storage space.

As you can see, uploading photos with our app couldn’t be easier!