How to Transform Your Photos in One Click with DropShots

Penarth piers
Unedited original photo taken with HTC Desire S

Did you ever wish your DropShots photos looked just perfect? I’m sure some of you use some sort of image editing software to make photos look better. But you don’t have to use any third-party software to make your DropShots pictures shine – all you need to do is upload them and use the DropShots Editor to enhance them in one click. In this article I’m going to show you how to quickly touch up your photos and make them shine. I’m going to use a very ordinary shot of Penarth piers taken with an old HTC phone camera as an example.

Getting Started

So I’ve uploaded the photo to my DropShots account. Now I’m going to open it with the Editor from the photo’s page by clicking on the paint brush icon next to the photo:

DropShots Editor

This will open the photo in the Editor:

Enhance photo with DropShots

And now the fun starts. First of all, I’m going to enhance the photo because it looks pretty bland. To do that, I’m going to click on the Enhance icon and select HD to give the photo a high-definition look:

DropShots HD

I think the picture looks better with this preset, so I’m going to click Apply and go back to the main Editor screen with all the options.

Now I’m going to check out Effects. You can select from lots of different filters to make your photos look interesting and fresh:

DropShots enhance

If you’ve followed the same steps as I did, your photos should be looking a lot more interesting by now. And if you want to go for more, you can click on the Focus icon and play with the focus a bit:

DropShots focus

I hope you’ll have lots of fun enhancing and editing your photos, and your friends will say: “Wow, how did you manage that picture?”

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