How to Avoid Blurry Photos

blurry photoSo you’ve been talking photos of something exceptionally beautiful or interesting, and then you upload them to your computer and see that they are blurry and good-for-nothing. That’s a huge disappointment that happens to even the best photographers, but most of the time this happens to beginners. In this article we’re going to tell you how to avoid blurry photos altogether.

Adjust Your Shutter Speed

The most common reason for blurry photos is too slow shutter speed. This usually happens when you are shooting in conditions where there is not enough light, so your camera adjust the shutter speed to match the low light conditions. The problem is that it’s next to impossible to hold absolutely still for even as little as 30 seconds. As a result, you get a blurry throw-away shot even if you are using a lens with an optical stabilizer.

To fix this, you have to adjust your shutter speed to avoid camera shake. It’s easy when you are using a dSLR. The right shutter speed depends on several factors, such as the size of your lens, light conditions and even the way you hold your camera.

 Use a Tripod

Sometimes there is no way you can adjust your shutter speed and get a crisp photo in lower light conditions. That’s why you should invest in a sturdy tripod and a remote shutter release for your camera. The tripod will make sure there is no camera shake and a remote shutter release will help you take shots without creating the dreaded camera shake by pressing the shutter release button.

Hold Your Camera the Right Way

If you can’t use a tripod for whatever reason and you have to make sure you avoid camera shake as much as possible, use one of the camera holding techniques from this article.

Configure Your Autofocus

Depending on what you’re taking a photo of, you should adjust how your camera focuses. You can use multiple points to focus on your subject or a single point. There is no universal rule, so you’ll need to experiment a bit. Also, if you feel that your camera keeps missing the subject, use manual focus to get the shot you want.

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