Essential Tips for Meaningful Street Photography

Good Morning SF
by Eliza Donovan

Many people say that they are into street photography. To tell you the truth, most of them just have dozens of photos of people walking down the street. Sometimes these people even look slightly interesting. But┬ácapturing people walking is not enough for quality street photography. In this post I’m going to share with you some essential tips that will help you take meaningful and interesting street photos.

Capture a Story

What makes street photography interesting and captivating? A pretty face? A nice background? Not really. It’s the story that you capture. Look at people walking and try to see beyond their clothes and hairstyle. Try to see an emotion, an idea – something that tells a story and makes the viewer look at the photo and think about the people in it. What’s just happened to them? What’s going to happen next? Your photo has to speak to the viewer.

Capture Expression

Only too often you see the potential for a fabulous street shot. But as you fumble with your camera, the mood is gone and when you make the actual shot you get a mediocre photo of a person walking with a blank expression. Don’t worry, this happens to all street photographers and it happens often. Just keep it in mind and always try to capture an expression. A good thing to do is practice watching people, so that you can learn to predict expressions and moments that are worth capturing.

Don’t Forget the Light and the Background

It’s true that street photography is about people. But as a photographer you need to pay attention to other important things like composition, light and the background. All this combined with a story or/and a strong emotion will create a strong photograph.

And last but not least, keep practicing. Try to take interesting shots, find interesting subjects and always keep your eyes open for something that’s going on in your neiborhood, in a nearby cafe, or when you are jogging. Street photography doesn’t need expensive equipment – you can take great photos with your smartphone when you are least expecting it.

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