DropShots for Mobile Becomes Better


At DropShots, we realize that a lot of people are using the site from their smartphones. So, we’ve done our best to improve the mobile version of the site.

First of all, we’ve merged the mobile version with the responsive view. This means that now there is no separate mobile version of the site – DropShots will automatically tune itself to look good on your device. It also improves speed and performance, making DropShots faster and better.

In addition to that, we’ve applied the following changes:

  • When using DropShots on your mobile, you’ll first land on the timeline, just like when you’re accessing the site from a laptop or a desktop. 
  • We’ve added the option to sort the timeline appearance to the mobile version
  • The Touch Punch has been cleaned up and we’ve fixed some issues in the scripts

We’ve also implemented small fixes to offer you a better experience.

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