Canon Powershot S120 Digital Camera Review

Canon-S120Are you thinking about getting a new compact camera? Something slim, but with decent zoom, Full HD video support and lots of different options, then you should have a look at Canon PowerShot S120. Here’s our review of this camera.

Key Features

The main things that should attract you as a photographer are not the option to share photos via Wi-Fi directly from the camera and not the camera’s ability to shoot 1080p/60p Full HD video, but its powerful DIGIC 6 processor and a pretty large CMOS sensor. Plus it’s the first S-series model that has an f/1.8 lens with the 24mm wide end, which makes this camera very useful for taking photos in a tight interior. The large aperture also makes it a great choice for portraits because it creates a shallow depth of field, so you can create those beautiful shots with a blurry background.

It also has a continuous shooting speed of up to 12fps, which makes it great for shooting sports events and moving subjects in general. Although Canon PowerShot S120 only has a 5x optical zoom, it should be enough for most shooting scenarios where you would use a compact camera.

Another feature of S120 that many of you will love are three star shooting modes. What these modes mean for you is that you will be able to shoot impressive starscapes, something that used to be possible only if you had a dSLR and the right lens. You can choose between Star Nightscapes, Star Trails, and Star Time-Lapse Movies to create stunning photos plus the camera has supporting features like Night Display and Star Emphasis. These three modes support both automatic and manual controls, which gives you extra room for creativity.

Another feature that I like a lot is the camera’s intelligent optical image stabilizer. Simply choose in which mode you are shooting (Normal, Panning, Macro, Dynamic, Powered or Tripod) and the camera will adjust its stabilizer settings.

Plus, as someone who uses Lightroom to touch up my photos, I appreciate that Canon PowerShot S120 can shoot in RAW.

Ease of Use

We all know that dSLR’s can be difficult to learn and that’s why some people end up buying a compact camera. Getting PowerShot S120 is a smart choice because this camera is not only powerful for a compact camera, but it’s also very easy to use. It has an intuitive menu, lots of modes to choose from, and produces very good shots when you simply set everything to Automatic. Plus it’s available in 30 different languages, which makes it perfect for international buyers.

I highly recommend that you check out Canon PowerShot S120, since for many of you this will be the only camera you’ll need for many years to come.

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