DropShots 2.0 Coming…


We are quickly approaching the release of DropShots 2.0. If you like DropShots (even just a little) you will LOVE what’s coming!

Even easier, faster and simpler to use.

Our very talented technology team has created new proprietary technology systems making it even easier to manage and view all your important memories. These new technologies will also make DropShots lightening fast!

Higher quality and more features.

DropShots 2.0 will enable higher quality files, larger photos and full screen videos. New features will include drag-n-drop album creation, bulk deleting and date changing, one-click posting to blogs, and new sorting and organizing features like tagging, ratings and friends updates.

And more privacy, security and ways to share.

These are just a few highlights of the many exciting features to be unveiled in our completely updated service launching within 30-60 days. All these new features will be added for – no additional costs!

Keep sharing those memories!

Darren Hardy 
CEO DropShots, Inc.

P.S. More important update information to follow – stay tuned!

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