4 Tips for Taking Autumn Landscape Photos

autumn landscape photography tips
by Eliza Donovan

Autumn is landscape photographer’s dream because that’s the season when nature gives so many opportunities for absolutely stunning shots. There are amazing colours all around us and the textures are very interesting too. But don’t be tempted to take hundreds of photos and hope that they will turn out great. You need to do some work too. Here are four tips that will help you take beautiful landscape photos.

1. Catch the Light

One of the issues you will face when taking photos in autumn is that it’s not all that easy to catch the right light. Autumn days can be really dull and even when it is sunny, the light is often not right for good photos. The best way to shoot autumn landscapes is to prepare the composition, be patient and wait for interesting and dramatic light. When the light is just right, all you need to do is take your shot.

2. Isolate the Subject

Isolating the subject will help you add contrast to your autumn photos. It will also let you draw a fine line between reality and the world of your imagination. This way you will be able to draw the viewer into your photos and share your vision of the world. Using wide aperture (around 2.8) will help you do that.

3. Use Autumn Colours as the Background

It’s so tempting to shoot autumn foliage again and again because no two shots will be the same. But don’t forget that autumn colours are a fantastic background for lots of other thing – houses, waterfalls, bicycles – whatever!

4. Look for Contrasts

You can accentuate naturally bright foliage colors by placing them on a contrasting background. That can be blue sky (yellow looks great against blue), a dark cloud, a mountain and so on. You’ll see how much more dramatic your photos will look.

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