3 Tips to Shoot Amazing Photos on a Road Trip

road trip photographyRoad trips are great because you get to see such a lot of things and you can stop wherever and whenever you like. They are also a goldmine of opportunities for great photos. In this article we’re going to share with you some simple tips that will help you make your road trip photos simply amazing.

Pack Your Gear

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional or an amateur – you still need to plan how you’re going to take photos on your road trip and with what. Is it going to be your iPhone or your dSLR? If you’re shooting with your phone, then you obviously don’t really need any gear, although a pole for nice selfies won’t hurt and you could get a phone lens kit to add a bit of dSLR to your phone. But if you’re bringing your dSLR along, you’ll need to pack the following:

  • your wide-angle lens
  • your telephoto lens
  • your tripod
  • your filters
  • your remote

And if you’re going to take photos with your point-and-shoot, a tripod won’t hurt either. You can find plenty of affordable options on Amazon.

Plan Your Trip

It’s very tempting to have a totally unplanned road trip where you play everything by ear. But if you want to catch the best light when you are taking photos of stunning landscapes and landmarks along the way, it’s good to plan where you’re going to be when. Your goal is to plan for the golden hours and catch the scenes when they look their best.

If you don’t manage to get to a scene on time, don’t fret, use your creative power and you’ll still take great photos.

Make Your Photos Speak

Everything you see along the way will have a meaning to you because you’ll experience some sort of emotions when you’re in a particular place. But that doesn’t mean that your photos will capture the same feeling you have and transmit it to the viewers. Remember that your camera is just an object and it’s up to you to add meaning to your photos. Always try to tell a story and invite the viewer to see your photos through your eyes. It’s up to you whether your photos will speak through HDR, interesting angles, empty streets, or people you meet – just make sure that they communicate your point of view and feelings.

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