3 Tips for Absolute Photography Beginners

photographerSo you’ve decided that photography is “the thing” for you, your point-and-shoot camera has too many limits, and you bought yourself a shiny new dSLR. Congratulations! But if you’ve never used a dSLR camera before, it’s easy to get confused and discouraged. These three tips will help you get started with dSLR photography.

Read Your Camera’s Manual

User manuals are not exactly a great read, but you really should read your camera’s manual. Otherwise you risk missing a lot of your camera’s features and functions (you don’t want to keep using the auto mode, right?). If you find the user manual too boring and you own a popular camera, you can find a book with usage tips and techniques on Amazon. But, I really recommend reading the manual because it’s the best there is and it’s free. Try reading it in chunks and if you’re reading about specific camera features, try to practice them right away to see how things work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Photos

Your dSLR doesn’t need film, so you can take as many photos as you want. Test different settings, different modes and different techniques and see what happens. You’ll end up with lots of not-so-great photos, but it’s OK. Don’t get discouraged because you’re bound to get some nice shots and you’ll learn a great deal.

Ask for Feedback

There are tons of great websites with photography tutorials from experts and thousands of communities where you can share your work. Once you feel that your photography skills are improving, don’t be shy to ask for feedback. Check out Digital Photography School’s articles and share your photos in your comments. You’ll get lots of valuable feedback from fellow photographers and article authors.

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