3 Reasons Why You Should Use DropShots

There are several sites that let you share photos with your friends, not to mention social media like Facebook and Instagram. So a lot of you may be thinking: “Why should I use DropShots?”. Let me give you three reasons and I hope I’ll be able to convince you to sign up.

Reason 1: DropShots Respects Your Privacy

Unlike social media sites and other photo sharing sites, DropShots prioritizes its users’ privacy. It lets you control your privacy settings the easy way, so that you choose whether your photos are public or private, or even protected with a password. Moreover, there’s even a setting that lets you prevent Google and other search engines from indexing your content. If you decide to enable that setting, you can be sure that your images and videos will never appear in Google search results.

Reason 2: Unlimited Storage

While DropShots is not an online backup site, it offers unlimited storage for its customers. This means that you can upload high quality photos and videos without worrying about any limits. In addition to that, DropShots offers unlimited bandwidth and Premium plans let you upload, store and share uncompressed content.

Reason 3: DropShots Has a Free Plan

With DropShots you can share your photos and videos for free. The free plan has some limitations (you can only store 500 photos and you can’t upload longer videos) but it’s still great. You can use all the premium features including advanced privacy controls with the free plan.

I hope you’re convinced that you should join DropShots and give it a go.


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