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Your Pictures into Treasures

December 18th, 2007

Hopefully you have noticed by now that you can easily transform your digital pictures into lasting treasures directly from the photos you already have posted on DropShots!

Not only can you instantly turn pixels into glossy Kodak quality photos, but you can also create these fun products as well:

Photobooks, Calendars, Posters, Greeting Cards, Post Cards, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Key Chains, T-shirts and more!

Personally, I know I have some fun things planned for the holiday… I am going to be taking LOTS of photos then compiling all those memories into Photo Books and Calendars and sending them to my participating friends and family.

Another thing I am doing is taking all my photos from all of 2007 and creating a "The Year in Pictures" Photo Book… kind of a year book of sorts. It’s a great way to memorialize, archive and make use of all the photos taken from the past year.

DropShots wishes you and your family a warm and wonderful holiday!

7 Responses to “Your Pictures into Treasures”

  1. Sadia Says:

    I’ve set up a “To Print” folder in Dropshots to make it easier to find the specific photos I want prints of or want to use for gifts.


    [From Susan, Customer Support]
    Thanks for the tip! That’s a great idea!

  2. Maria Says:

    Thanks for inventing this website is great, and know all my friends and family want to use it.. Thank’s again..

  3. Tim Says:

    FYI…I have to submit a support ticket for 2 photo books I received from Qoop but “DropShots” is not an option in their “Photo Service” dropdownlistbox on their support page (http://www.qoop.com/about/supportForm.php) . I selected something at random and noted “Photo Service: DROPSHOTS” in the service ticket as well as a comment that DropShots was not an option in the ddlb. I wanted to make you aware so you might be able to push from your end so your customers are ensured prompt service when there are any issues with their order.



    [From Susan -- Customer Support]
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s there now!

  4. JJ Says:

    Before signing up…I have a question about this service. Assuming I upload a couple of pictures and share them with a group of people…
    1. Must each person in the group have an account with dropshots?
    2. Can they download the shared pictures onto their computers in the original file size? Meaning no loss of quality.

    Thank you.


    [From Susan -- Customer Support]

    1) Anyone can view your site, whether or not they have a DropShots account, as long as you’ve shared your user name with them.
    2) Photos are automatically resized from their original size when they are uploaded. So, no, you won’t be downloading the original file size.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Hello, I noticed you provide backup DVDs and CDs for photos. Do you do that for videos as well? I love sharing my videos with my family members!


    [From Susan - Customer Support]
    Video dvds are not yet available. However, we’re working on adding that, so watch for that to come soon!

  6. Alma Says:

    Can i dowload the edited pics onto my computer

  7. Eliza D. Says:

    Hi Alma, yes you can, just like any other picture. The edited photo is saved as a new library entry, so you’ll need to find it, click on it to enlarge it and download it as you normally would.

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