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You Asked for it… Ta Da!!

October 4th, 2007

This is why YOU were Time Magazine’s Person of the Year… YOU have great ideas! 

We have taken many your feedback and ideas and released a new version of the User Home page today.

Now you can…

  • See that the TITLES are back! 
  • See many days worth of pictures "above the fold" regardless of how many photos are in each day.
  • One-click to the large photo view.
  • Familiar, clean and simple user interface.

Tell us what you think… not that I had to tell you that!  

Note: If you need customer service click on the Help at the top right, comments for needed assistance left on the blog don’t get to the proper place.

96 Responses to “You Asked for it… Ta Da!!”

  1. Deanna Says:

    A GREAT change! Thanks for bringing back the old style. It’s much easier to view and easier to find pics. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thank you for listening to us.. it looks so much cleaner, and so much easier to navigate and use! FINALLY the dropshots we all loved before is back!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for going back to what was best about the old style with great updates from the new!

  4. May Says:

    I’m finally happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for listening! Sorry for my scepticism ๐Ÿ™‚
    Give me a few days to test the new interface and I’ll be back with more substantial comments ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. DMR Says:

    A big improvement – thanks for listening to your users. A company who actually listens to it’s users/customers is a breath of fresh air these days.

    I still think that the photos get lost on the page a little being stuck between the date/album tabs and comments. I think that the pictures should occupy a larger portion of the page and perhaps the tabs for date/album be across the bottom or above the comments section. Granted, I am looking at the new format at my parents computer which uses an old version of Explorer so I am excited to see how it looks at home – but then again I think that a lot of the target viewing audience (ie, grandparents, aunts and uncles) are using systems which still run on older verions of explorer.

    All in all, great changes and an awesome website. Thanks, DropShots!

  6. eM Says:

    AWESOME! It looks great! Love that the titles are back. Thank you.

  7. Belinda Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new layout. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing back my titles. I think the next big improvement would be if you could find some way to allow people to view the Day titles from the main screen. That would make it even better and more like the old style.

  8. Erica Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amber Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you very much for listening to the desires of your customers. I am a dropshots user for life!

  10. Will Says:

    I am glad you are FINALLY listening to feedback. Why is it necessary to cater to the least common denominator and homogenize the site. While I LOVE titles, I would much rather view all the photos for a day instead of only seeing 4 at a time. Why can’t there be actually be a list of settings or preferences so that the website can MINIMALLY adjust to our desires. I love this website but I am getting sick of not being able to do anything but upload pictures and write captions (and now titles). Isn’t it possible to have titles and view all pictures in a day? Please? A little less dumbing down for this site. I know it’s really popular, but you’re totally missing out on the tech savvy crowd. Thanks for listening.

  11. keiko Says:

    LOVE IT! This is so much easier to maintain and find pictures.
    Thank you!!

  12. amylove1975 Says:

    I AM BEYOND HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for bringing back what I loved so much about this site. It looks so much neater and easier to navigate. Thank you!

  13. Donna Says:

    LOVE it… LOVE having the days back!! I know you’ve been trying so hard to make things better, and meeting everyone’s needs with a good attitude. It’s so much appreciated.

  14. Adentse Says:

    Way to go dropshots!!! Love it!!! Simple and clean!!!

  15. Jason Says:

    Thanks! The day titles are a MUST, and it is great to have them back. I think it would be great if we could click on the date or day title and it would take us to a screen with all of that day’s photos…similar to what we had previously.

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes, Jason, you can click on the date and it will take you to that days worth of photos in the large view.

    I am assuming that now that the titles and captions are back up and working well that the “search” function will be back up again soon?

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes.

    I know you guys have been working hard on working out all of these kinks, and I appreciate it. Dropshots is great, and I have had several friends and family members sign up in the past months.
    Keep it up!

    [From Darren Hardy] Will do!

  16. Carole Says:

    I like the new/old look of the homepage MUCH better — but I still want my calendar back!!!

  17. elaine S. Says:

    WOW! it’s clean and organized again!!! Thank you so much. It’d be nice if the “month” display is in the same style too…ie, the classic calender look.

  18. Michele K Says:

    Yay! I was so happy to see the Day Titles feature again today!
    Next thing I’m looking forward to is having the search function return.
    And, on another slightly different topic, I’m still wishing I could order archive CDs/DVDs of my photos.
    Thank you for the great site!

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes, on the list!

  19. adela Says:

    It would be great if we can manage to display the photos within an album in the order we want (not the order they have been uploaded). I mean drag and drop the photos and be able to organize them in the desired order after the upload. Thank you for all the improvements also! Keep it clean, donยดt add more features as the calendar. Simple is best!

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes, we are working on that.

  20. adela Says:

    The day titles are great, but they are more important than the date (no one really cares when the photo was taken exactly, so I prefer to have the date font in plain text and the title font in bold or bigger.

    [From Darren Hardy] We tried that, but bolding the titles made it actually more difficult to read than better.

    In addition, I would delete the indication “2 days ago”, “yesterday”, etc, besides each date. It doesnยดt add anything and without it will keep the page cleaner….

    [From Darren Hardy] Interesting point.

  21. A1nogoslo Says:

    Everything looks great, One thing … I can’t drag and drop video’s into new folder that I make.
    It worked a few days ago. Anything I need to do different… When I drag the item it has a black circle with
    the slash mark in it and won’t let me drop it anywhere ???

    [From Darren Hardy] In order to make going from a thumbnail on your User Home page to the Large View a SINGLE click we had to make the thumbnails on the User Home Page not drag-n-droppable. With a single click there is no way to select a thumbnail without going to the large view – make sense? You can still drag-n-drop from any of the date arranged views to make albums.

  22. Caroline Says:

    I’m a happy person today! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Sinath Says:

    i love it! thanks for all your hardwork in trying to meet the needs of all users; we really appreciate it!

  24. Kate Says:

    Is the search feature ever coming back? It’s been coming soon since the new design came out.

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes! Soon.

  25. Sadia Says:

    Thank you for listening to your users. I find the current home page much easier to navigate, and having the titles back makes me think that I’ll start using Dropshots again as much as I used to.

  26. adela Says:

    So instead of bolding the titles perhaps you can just unbold the day titles. This way you have the dates in one color and the titles in another and it is enough to differenciate them and will make the page smoother. No need for so much bold.

    Another point: I would completely delete the Comments column on the right side of the homepage. Adds noise from my viewpoint. Instead, I would only add below each thumbnail, in grey: 2 comments, 6 comments, etc or nothing if no comments. Then the users can open the photo and see there the comments. I know this means hours and hours of development, but with this, dropshots will be perfect! And the homepage even cleaner. Hope you can do this…

  27. elaine S. Says:

    it seems like now I am not able to drag a thumbnail into “trash” directly, but have to click open the picture and delete it from the tool bar, is that an intended change?

    [From Darren Hardy] In order to make going from a thumbnail on your User Home page to the Large View a SINGLE click we had to make the thumbnails on the User Home Page not drag-n-droppable. With a single click there is no way to select a thumbnail without going to the large view – make sense? You can still drag-n-drop from any of the date arranged views to make albums.

  28. Dan B. Says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I actually liked the new home page as it was – double clicks and all! I thought the drag and drop feature was fantastic. Now with the redesign, it makes it much more of a hassle to create albums.

    You guys are doing a great job, but I think you’re trying too hard to please everyone. Please stick to your guns and create what you know to be the best site around. WE TRUST YOU.

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Jeremy L. (WyldJoker) Says:

    AWESOME! never lose the classic look! Glad to see that it’s back!

  30. Grace Says:

    The one complaint I hear often and I must agree with is that there is no “slideshow” feature. It’s kind of a pain to have to go through every picture. Any chance I’m not the only one who feels this way?

    [From Darren Hardy] Slide show function is being worked on!

  31. Carole Says:

    I don’t know who Adela is, but she’s completely WRONG when she says nobody cares when the pictures were taken!

    If she wants to title all of her pictures, more power to her — but I want my pictures back in the calendar so I can watch my baby growing, day-by-day/week-by-week/month-by-month, and easily find my favorite pictures WITHOUT having to title/label/tag them!

    Please tell me that you’re trying to figure out how to bring back the calendar-view???

  32. Sarah Says:

    I could not be more happier now! I was so excited when I checked the site last night and saw a familiar format! It is wonderful! I love it, love it, love it! I cannot thank you enough for bringing back TITLES and the old format! Everything looks so much more clean and organized! LOVE IT!!!!! I really appreciate all your hard work. Never change it again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Cortney Says:

    I love the changes! Thank you!!!

  34. HIlary Says:

    Thanks for the new look – my only gripe is that the comments section takes up too much room and makes the page cluttered. I want to move it over all the time. Could the width be movable or could it just be half the width it is. The photos are the most important part.

    Thanks for all the hard work………….just this little change and it’ll be perfect!

  35. Hilary Says:

    One other thing, please please please can you allow us to delete comments. Sometimes they are made in error, sometimes I just don’t want particular ones there. I don’t like having no control over them at all.

    Thanks again

    [From Darren Hardy] You can delete comments by double clicking on the name of the comment you want to delete.

  36. Bruce Says:


    Thanks so much for going back to the “classic” format! I’m currently serving a one year tour in Afghanistan and my family keeps up with me through my posted photos (dates and “how many days ago” are important to some of us!). The “new” format was horrible in that I have an extremely slow interent connection and would take a very long time to load my homepage…if it would open at all. So, thanks!

    I like the comments frame on the side of the page. The look is still clean, but others can easily see what is being said.

    Just wondering when we’ll be able to add titles to the photo’s posted since the change in format. Please bring that option back!

    [From Darren Hardy] You can now!

    Thanks for the great service!

  37. Andy Says:

    In contrast to most people here I actually preferred the old way of displaying all pictures.
    I will just have to click on the year every time now because I often go looking for pictures of our baby daughter where I know what she was wearing but have no idea what day I took the picture.

    I could warm to this new way of displaying the pictures on the start page if…
    … you take my caption from each first picture from each day and make it that days title… otherwise I will have to do it all manually… again….
    … you let me choose how many pictures I can display per day. I am now left with a blank space next to the first 4 pictures for each day that could easily fit another 4 (on our MacBook) or 8 (on my MacBook Pro). This is a waste of space in my eyes. Probably not something you’d want to change for everyone because of screen sizes and all… but please give me the choice to display the pictures in the way I think is best for my target audience.

    According to all the other comments it does look like most of your users requested this change so I guess I am in the minority and just have to live with it *sigh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Appart from this and your not too exciting support for the Mac platfrom (when will we get an iPhoto export plugin like so many other sites already have?) I do LOVE the new Dropshots.

  38. Jean G. Says:

    Love the new format!! Thanks so much.

    Don’t agree with Adela about getting rid of the comments down the right side of the page. It’s how I keep track of what comments are new – helps the family respond to each other while commenting on pictures.

    I still really miss the smilies…. Have I missed something? I don’t see them any more on Safari. Our family loved them, and got quite creative in using them. Would love them back, with the ability to add new images to my own smilie palette.

  39. KitCarl Says:

    Good job – like it a bunch!!

  40. Brian Hah Says:

    SWEetnESS! Loved it before, and love the changes now~

    Keep up the great work guys!

  41. Jenny Says:

    Hi!! Still can’t post to my blog! I am a Mac and Firefox user- I can post pictures from Safari, but I have never been able to post a video from anywhere, even from my husband’s PC. It acts like it’s copied and it says posted and then nothing is there- just the tag line- free photo sharing, etc. Any idea when this will get fixed? I’ve not gotten a lot of help from the help lady- I have updated everything I possibly can. I bought my Mac in May of this year. On the old Dropshots, I never had any trouble posting to my blog. Help!! I love Dropshots and I am a lifetime member, Oh, when I click on the blog button, the pop up box never even completely comes up- it just keeps “thinking” forever. I really miss just easily being able to post my pics- why I spent $100! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for any help!! You all are great!!

  42. Dara Says:

    ok..well after reading every-one’s replies, the majority of us are ELATED to have the titles and the “classic” look back!! yay dropshots!!! i’m VERY much pleased with this combined look. its cleaner and very user friendly for someone like my parents who aren’t very savvy when it comes to uploading/locating and emailing pictures/videos. this is the main reason i will never go back to using those other guys. thanks a ton for keeping the slowest of us in mind and in the loop!!

  43. Bonnie Adler Says:

    I just redid my website, and stating that I really miss having the option of typing in color for comments.

  44. lyssaa Says:

    thanks for putting it back ! im sooo happy.. im just wondering if you guys can put the number of pictures back.. like how many pictures are uploaded into the dropshots thing.. please and thank you very much.

  45. michele r Says:

    Thanks so much for going back to Dropshots Classic! I, too, appreciate your responding to our pleads!

  46. michele r Says:

    One problem…. I still have double comments…. any help you can give?

  47. Christy Says:

    loving the new/old look although I do miss the calender view woohoo now my things are back!

  48. Dana Says:

    Hmmm. Am I the only one who liked the Old new style? Oh well, I guess ๐Ÿ™ I wish there was a way we could switch between layout styles. Hint, hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Lisa Says:

    Somehow I have a link to someone else’s page whom I don’t know on my dropshots page. Coincidentally, the person’s page name is my password. What to do?

  50. genendy Says:

    I can’t figure out how to drag and drop to an album with the new homepage. Please help! Also, spell check on the captions would be amazing!!

    [From Darren Hardy] You can drag-n-drop from any of the โ€œBy Dateโ€ screens. We are working having it also be drag-n-droppable from the user home page as well.

  51. A1nogoslo Says:

    Well all I can say that DropShots have the best Quality video Hosting Site I have found so far…
    You guys have done a great job with the new changes even with the few difficulties you went through it was worth the wait… I really like the lay out now and I am getting the hang of the way to move things around in there… Keep up the good work… Your support team has been great to work with, they have really helped me out allot… even when I was getting a little flustered… They were able to walk me through the questions that I asked… Thanks DropShots

  52. Cathy Says:

    I’m happy that you went back to the “old” setup –
    much easier to view!

    BUT, am I the only person having a problem with putting photos in the trash?
    I try to drag and drop and I keep getting the slashed circle say that I can do it.
    I am logged in, but can’t use the trash.

    Please help!

    [From Darren Hardy] Hi Cathy, you can drag-n-drop from any of the “By Date” screens. We are working having it also be drag-n-droppable from the user home page as well.

  53. Amber Says:

    i like both styles that you’ve had but i’ve had a problem with each… the date. i know that it goes by the date of our camera but my camera’s date is broken and ihave to go to each photo to change the date and it’s not the funnest thing. maybe having a drag and drop option for the dates would be very heapful. Just an idea! Thanks!

  54. Debbie Says:

    Yeah! The classic look is back! Thank you a gabillion times for listening to us! I know it will only get better and better as you continue to enhance an already GREAT product! We LOVE DropShots – we live overseas and it is such an easy, convenient way to share videos of our kiddos to family back in the states.

  55. Diana Says:

    I’m liking the new look, but I can’t post a video in a forum without just posting the direct link. Am I missing something obvious, or is this something that needs to be fixed?

  56. lou Says:

    Good job on the new look!

  57. LeeAnn Says:

    Thanks for bringing back the titles! Oh, and I much prefer the “horizontal listing” of pics than the “box” style with all the pics in a square. Is there any way to make the key at the bottom of each pic less dominant? I like being able to order prints, rotate, etc. but it tends to get in the way.

    Thanks again for the classic updates!

  58. Dara Says:

    i thought of a suggestion and i hope you guys don’t mind! it would be really fantastic if there was a slide show option. so instead of having to click on each picture to see them..you can just click slide show between this date and that date and enjoy the rotation of your pictures. =) what do you guys think about?

  59. Petra Says:

    I really like what you guys have done sofar. Thank you!!!
    For the past couple of days I haven’t been able to post comments to my friends’ pictures. When I click on the “send” button, it says “try again”. I’m not sure if that’s just my computer or if it is because the system is being worked on.

  60. Rebecca Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love how you have improved the site. Thank you for listening to your customers.

  61. Ned Yuen Says:

    A few suggestions:
    1) Allow users to cancel the “Welcome to the new DropShots! Learn more about the new features on the DropShots Blog. No comments yet. Click here to invite your family and friends!” interface, as it is not used by everyone, and if this area is deleted, we can have a wider photo interface.
    2) Allow users to change the date of the photos, but not auto-detected by the computer system, for instance, if we scan a photo, the date just indicates the date of scanning, but not the date of taking the photo. However, Dropshots places the photo under the scanning date.
    Hope you will consider these, thank you.

  62. Jennie Says:

    Still wishing I could post thumbnails from a whole day to my blog. Or just having HTML code for a thumbnail as one of the options would suffice. I wouldn’t mind all the cutting and pasting. And I miss the back and forward arrows that were new with the toolbar. Where did the toolbar go?

  63. Bonnie Adler Says:

    Where did the arrows go on the pictures that you can advance to the next ones? Really miss them.

  64. Paul Says:

    Glad upload installation is now fixed. I tried to upload couple of video but with the bigger video display, streaming is not good. Can we have a choice for small or bigger videos on the fly?

  65. Mel Says:

    Thanks for the good work! As some have already mentioned, (1) I would like to be able to click somewhere near the photo (maybe below it) to advance to the next one (2) I would like more space alloted for the pictures and less of the other two panes and (3) I’d like a slide show feature. (4) I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this one, but it would be nice to be able to continue viewing all the photos in large view instead of having to close one before enlarging another one. THANKS again.

  66. eM Says:

    You know what else would be cool — to be able to do multiple date changes or rotations. Also, if you’ve got a password for you account, perhaps an automatic request for password link so that guests can immediately contact account holder.

  67. May Says:

    I have a problem. When I upload new pictures/videos with the new dropbox some pictures look OK (like they should) and some of them don’t show up on the screen at all. All I see is the white box where the picture should be. I’ve noticed it on some of my friend’s Dropshots as well.

    Also I need the arrows back. I can’t scroll trough the pictures without the arrows. It’s annoying having to click on each photo individually.

    Hope you guys are working hard and almost done with the improvements. This has been a long and painful process for all of us.

  68. Paragon Image Studio Says:

    I do not know whether this feature exists in your interface or not. But how can I give someone permission to view a particular folder without compromising the security of other folders?

    What is the easiest way to point someone to view my folders without compromising my entire password?

    I would like to be able to have an admin password for the main account which a lot the viewing, deleting, and editing access and allso have a secondary guest access password that a lot a guest to only view what
    I want them to view. Is this possible? if so, how?

  69. Dana Says:

    Wondering with Bonnie above…where did the arrows go to scroll through the pictures? Also, any chance we could have an option to display ALL of our pictures at once, like the way you had changed it to–you could offer two layout styles for your users. I really prefer having all my photos on one page, rather than having to click on each day to see everything. For me, it’s a pain. I may be in the minority here, that’s why I was thinking a choice of layout styles might be helpful. I REALLY, REALLY liked it that way, as did many of my viewers. Just a thought. Thanks!

  70. Dana Says:

    Wondering with Bonnie above…where did the arrows go to scroll through the pictures? Also, I really LOVED having all my photos on one page, rather than having to click on each day to see everything. For me, it’s a pain. I may be in the minority here, that’s why I was thinking a choice of layout styles might be helpful. I REALLY, REALLY liked it that way, as did many of my viewers. Just a thought. Thanks!

  71. Laura Says:

    I can’t seem to drag the photos I upload into my albums anymore…I try to drag and drop and I keep getting the slashed circle say that I can do it.

  72. Dara Says:

    what are the benefits of a paid vs free account? i just noticed that the basic accounts now come with pswrd protection…which was one of the main reasons i paid for my account.


    maybe for the paid accounts we can have the ability to set up our home page more personal..almost like a blog option….to include what’s new on OUR page…special dates coming up….

    just a suggestion to distinguish the paid from the non accounts..cuz i noticed even my fancy little star is gone..lol

    thanks for listening!

  73. May Says:

    the difference as I understand is the number of pictures and videos you can upload. I think free membership is good for only 500 pics and 10 videos, where with the star membership it’s unlimited.

  74. michele r Says:

    and… you can copy and print photos from a paid membership site… Haven’t checked to see if this still works since all the changes.

  75. amylove1975 Says:

    Why are some of the pictures I upload showing up as a little red box with an “x” in it? What’s going on with ds now? It was working so perfectly, now this….

  76. Jennie Says:

    Yeah, I’m getting blank boxes on my photos, too. It’s photos of my daughter’s birthday! HELP!

  77. Dara Says:

    ohhh yeah i forgot about the number of videos and photos…thanks for the reminder May. i don’t think i ever knew you could copy and print photos from a paid memebers page…thanks for that info!

  78. Dara Says:

    i just wanted to add..that i love this blog feature..where you can communicate with other members and with the dropshots team…this is the kind of feature i kinda thought would be neat to add to the accounts…but i guess the comments under the pictures serve as the same thing huh?

    maybe just a what’s coming up section then…yanno if its your anniversary this month, kids birthday, first soccer game…so that people you don’t speak to often..and might forget to email…can look and see what events are coming up/they missed..kwim?

  79. Kelley Says:

    Even with the growing pains, I think this site is by far the easiest to work with for uploading photos and especially VIDEOS!!! I just uploaded a 600MB video by just dragging and dropping!!! Where else can I do that??? While it took quite a while to encode and upload, the video made it and it plays fairly well (especially after buffering is complete). Iโ€™m beyond pleased!!! Most other services limit the size of the video and accept only certain file types. Dropshots doesnโ€™t! This is the main feature that attracted and keeps me devoted to Dropshots. It saves me so much time from having to convert and edit the video file myself!

    I’m sorry to all those who are encountering errors (you should contact Dropshots support…they are very quick to respond!). However, there’s nothing I found out there to provide a similar service at this great price. If you’re all looking at getting your $99 lifetime membership back, then look around and see the hideous prices you’ll be pay everywhere else for ONE YEAR!!! I’m sorry, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    I’m a programmer myself, and I run my own site where I store my photos, but for videos, Dropshots is THE BEST! Developing something like this takes TIME and MONEY! Have you noticed how there are no adds anywhere? Please appreciate that!!! Please be patient, and if you’re not, by all means go start your own site. Trust me, it’s easier said than done! You will eventually come to appreciate what Dropshots offers.

    DROPSHOTS TEAM — KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I’m definitely here to stay! I still recommend you to everyone I know. I’ve even purchased lifetime memberships for my family as gifts! For the first time ever, my non-tech family uploads photos and videos with ease! The dropbox is so easy to use, even grandma can do it!!! For this alone, you’re worth the wait and support!

    Just wanted to let you know someone out there appreciates your efforts!!!!!!!!

  80. Frank Dionne Says:

    I think you have to drag your pix into the albums from the “By Date” section. Select either “All” or a year (if you have more than one year’s pix) & you should be able to drag them from there. Hope this helps.

  81. michele r Says:

    Hello???? I am still suffering from “duplicate comment syndrome” and have been ever since the “improvements” were attempted. I’ve sent 3 or 4 tickets asking for help but have received no replies. I’ve reloaded and updated just about everything I can think of. Are ya’ll still there? Please let me know what I can do… or at least please update your blog as to what is going on. I’m so thankful you have returned to the classic layout… but there are still problems that were not there before. Just please let us know something…


  82. Jennie Says:

    I’m feeling pretty fortunate that I haven’t had a problem in weeks. Everything’s going through perfectly, even my daughter’s QuickTime movies from her new camera.
    I know everyone’s frustrated, but let’s remember: They didn’t have to bring back the features you all asked for. They undoubtedly spent weeks re-creating the experience you wanted. So I think it’s fair to say that they do care about what their customers want.

  83. Albert Says:

    My wife and I have been premium members for the past 3 years. We have greatly appreciated the unique features that DROPSHOTS has afforded us. (Honestly, five dollars a month is a very reasonable amount.) While some of the recent design updates required a bit of time to adjust to, we understood the need for these changes. In particular, the photo resolution enhancements that allow members to print higher quality photos is a vast improvement. We also appreciate the ability to organize our albums in a much more efficient and intuitive manner. Last, but not least, we frequently take advantage of the new blogging feature that allows users to post their images/movies directly to their desired blogs without the hassle of copying and pasting code.

    While there may still be some aspects of the interface that need improvement, we love and understand the direction that the Dropshots team is taking, and we can’t wait to see how the team responds to the ever evolving web trends that web application companies must react to. As with any new release, there will inevitably be some users who are dissatisfied. As the saying goes, “it is impossible to please everyone.”
    For those of you who are obviously put off by some of these changes, I would suggest that you consider how responsive Dropshots has been to your complaints and suggestions. How many companies actively demonstrate that they take into account the feedback from their users?

    As with any relationship, whether business-related or personal, the task of meeting one’s expectations requires that there be patience and a mutual commitment to articulating those needs in a way that is constructive.

    That’s my two cents. Take it or leave it.

  84. michele r Says:

    Help!!!! One of my “friends” changed her password and when I click on her name, it just goes to her homepage which looks empty… it won’t give me a chance to put in a new password. Help!!!!!

  85. Amy Says:

    Hi and thanks for the wonderful improvements! I am still however wondering if you are still working on the spell check and getting the “smileys” back in the comments. Also, on the older verson I was able to put small pictures in the comments too. We can’t seem to do that on here anymore. It took them out of our comments.

  86. oliver t griswold Says:

    okay, apparently you updated the dropbox again. wouldn’t it be simpler for all of us if you put up a little notice on the website that says something to the effect of hey, the dropbox has been updated and the old one won’t work very well anymore? let’s make things easy again!

  87. Dara Says:

    i really wish you guys would stop bashing them. i’m sure they’re working hard to make the improvements they’ve made thus far. this is after all THEIR JOBS. i highly doubt they’re just sitting back laughing at those of us having problems. please try and show a little patience and understanding. they put this blog here so that we could voice our opinions lets not abuse that…

    if we’re still taking suggestions…i’d really love a slide show option =)

  88. Marie Says:

    Happy to see the arrows on the edge of the photos – makes browsing the pictures much easier! Thanks for bringing that back. Also – so far, so good with DropBox 6.1 – I uploaded a bunch of pictures without it mysteriously stopping in the middle and failing to load half of the pictures. The albums are working too. Progress!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this!!

  89. Dara Says:

    can someone post the link to the new dropbox? i can’t seem to locate it anywhere…

  90. Grace Says:

    And therein lies the problem, Dara…..

  91. oliver t griswold Says:

    to get new dropbox i uninstall the old one and then go to the upload page and reinstall. since there is no indication as to the release # anywhere i generally do this after i discover that my current dropbox is acting flaky again. good luck!

  92. Donna Says:

    i was informed of a new dropbox to upload and since then have been having problems. It keeps prompting for my password even when I’m logged in. And my pics will upload, but my videos will not. PLEASE HELP! I was just starting to get used to all the new stuff and was even enjoying it =) tks

  93. Daniel Says:

    Frank, I went to your page. It’s time you brush up on HTML. It’s NOT OK to center all of the text on the page. I originally intended to see what your site was about, but a headache and a 90’s first-generation-browser flashback later I X’d out of the tab.

  94. Whitney Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….finally back to the old style! I love it! Thanks for listening! I would still like to see how many photos and videos I have loaded, though~

  95. rachel Says:

    this is a great site!!
    SUGGESTION: would it be possible to view photos in enlarged mode (+) and be able to go to the ‘next’ photo (without going back and forth and clicking on pic to view larger)? this would really help grandparents like myself who need to see everything Bigger and Clearer! Thank you so very much!
    i also want option of controlling the order of my photos in album!

    [From Susan — Customer Support]
    Thank you for the great suggestion! All suggestions are forwarded to the management and technical teams for consideration.

    To reorder the photos in an album, you can simply change the date/time stamp of the photos. Go to this link in our Help database for further instructions on changing the date/time stamp: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=29

  96. Kate Says:

    Hi, I *LOVE* dropshots, I use it almost everyday. However, I was wondering before when I saved a video from a premium account it would save to my computer as an mpg. now when I do it the file saves as a .flv how am I supposed to play that back on my computer? Thanks and keep up the great work!


    [From Susan – Customer Support]
    To play videos you’ve downloaded from a premium account, you need to download and install a Flash player. Please read the instructions outlined in the Knowledgebase, our online help guide: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=82

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