Why You Should Consider Disabling Your Camera’s Auto-Review Feature

disable camera auto-reviewNo matter whether you’re using your phone to take photos or have a standalone camera, most likely you have a feature called Auto-Review enabled by default. If you look at your LCD screen after taking each photo and see how it turned out, then you definitely do. While this is handy for making sure the picture you’ve just taken looks good, there are several reasons why you should consider disabling auto-review.

1. It Makes Your Lose Time

So you take a picture and then you immediately look at the display to see how it turned out. And then you wait for the review image┬áto disappear, so that you can take your next picture. Did you ever stop to think how much time you lose because of that? While you’re glancing at the display and then waiting, a precious moment could disappear and an amazing shot could be lost forever. This is especially true for taking photos of events and making kids’ portraits.

2. Your Attention Gets Diverted

Constantly checking the screen to see if your last shot was any good diverts your attention from the subject. While it’s OK if you’re taking a landscape photo or shooting a still-life, it’s a huge interruption when you’re taking pictures of people and animals. You will get much better photos if you keep interacting with your subjects. This way they will feel more at ease and you’ll get natural photos.

If you feel uncomfortable not checking the review images all the time, make sure you configure your camera’s settings before you start shooting in earnest. Take some test shots and see how they turn out.

3. You Photography Skills Develop Slower

When you keep relying on your camera showing you your latest shots, you don’t really care if your settings are OK from the start because you can always adjust them as you go. That’s great because you can spot lower quality photos straight away. But on the other hand, it takes the magic out of photography and doesn’t stimulate you to keep improving your photography skills. Disabling auto-review will give you a chance to push yourself and become a better photographer. Plus it will remind you what things were like in the days of film photography.

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