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Improvement List and Updates

August 7th, 2007

Ahh, things do get better on Tuesdays! 

Our  CTO (Ryan Sit) has asked that I not do this, but I wanted you to know what IS on our list of improvements so you know that we know – you know? 

My disclaimer: When we start attacking some of these items we might figure a better way than originally disclosed or we might find out it is not possible or sacrifices a higher priority. Please don’t beat me up if some of these items don’t happen or happen fast enough. That is why Ryan doesn’t want me to give you this list. As long as you and I have that understanding, we won’t listen to Ryan – 

Here is a partial list of features and functions are considering and/or working on. We will be constantly adding and reprioritizing our list but this as it sits at this moment –

Assessment/Improvement list:

> Titles purpose and functionality added back in. Everyone’s old titles will be added back into your site with this feature.

> Old uploaded videos will play at the previous size so it doesn’t appear so pixilated – done!

> Captioning function more intuitive

> Have user site load even if they don’t put in the ”www.” before dropshots.com/username – done!

> Play button too intrusive on thumbnail. Maybe make more transparent or a small indicator/play button in right corner if video – done!

More intuitive “By Date” or Calendaring navigation

> Order of thumbnails when click a year or month as in order of proper calendar – Jan-Dec and 1-31 – done!

> Add week and/or day view – done!

Changes to Large View

> Order of thumbnails on Large View – newest to oldest going downward – done!

> Horizontal lines to separate time on Large View

> Transparency on Large View is not intuitive. Need to change to or add other editing functionality for Email, Blog, Print or Order. 

> Able to change the date – done! If you are not sure how, go here

Blog Functions

> Links back from blog/website to DropShots user page – done!

> Size of photos and videos embedded into blogs – smaller, more appropriate – done! The one-click post to blog is a pretty cool feature. If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl – very nice!

> Forum/Bulletin board html code added – done!!

> Blog html – only available by user through login

> Able to post all photos by day, film strip, slide show, multiple video player, etc.

> Don’t load videos all at once when embedded into blog.


> Email an entire album

> Able to change order of albums on navigation

> Album thumbnails auto ordered by date, until rearranged by drag-n-drop


> Foreign language characters being able to be used in comments and captions – done!

> Emailing function to be able to send photos to friends – done!

> After upload confirmation window improved – done!

> Able to delete comments

> Add smilies and rich editing back to comments

> Caption included on/with the Recent Comments

> Show users total photo/video count

> Keep logged in/save password – visitors too.

> "Order" instead of "Print" for the store tool tip – done!

> Identification of premium users (Star) versus basic

 > Upload and Settings always at top regardless of logged in – done!

I am sure this list will shrink and grow hour by hour, but at least you know that we know about many of these functions and that we are working feverishly to improve everything.

While many of these items were on list already, many of you helped bring attention to a lot of these issues – WE ARE LISTENING!  And we appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

By the way, this is only the Phase I improvement list. We have some really amazing features we will be adding to this new platform that is going to blow away any other photo and video sharing service there is! Can’t say anymore or Ryan will definitely have me hunted down.

Have a wonderful day!

26 Responses to “Improvement List and Updates”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Great list! I didn’t even notice half of those glitches. However, I did come across one today when re-uploading videos to work with the bigger size. There was an “interference” in my videos and only some of them. I replayed them back in my media player on my computer and there wasn’t that interference. Like I said, it was only on a few of them and all six of them were uploaded at a similar time. The only way I can explain it is like a sort of loud sprinkler sound. Currently I have deleted those with the problems and tried uploading them again and still the same problem except one was fixed. If needed, I will upload one so the “interference” can be heard.
    Thanks so much,

  2. Michele K Says:


  3. Jennie Says:

    Thanks, Darren! Again, it’s so great to be heard. That’s an ambitious list. I feel like if we get back JUST the “post thumbnails of all photos and videos from this day,” I’ll be more than happy. Call me the thumbnail queen!

  4. Jennie Says:

    OK, and the pictures are WAY to big for my blogger.com blog. Yikes! So, yeah, smaller for blogs is a worthy goal. (They do look big and beautiful here on DropShots, though!)

  5. Jennie Says:

    If and when you do decide to break the photos down by day again… How about making the cute little calendar pages into double-click links, then it brings up just photos from that day? I like the cute little calendar pages…

  6. Sarah Says:

    I really would LOVE the BBCode back. [url]. Thanks for the list. I loved that calendar look too.

  7. M.Hinojosa Says:

    Where can I find the bbc code ? On the daily blog it states, please let me know the steps

    Forum/Bulletin board html code added

  8. Diana Says:

    BBCode needs to come back, and fast. I primarily use Dropshots to share my photos on a forum, and not having it makes Dropshots nearly useless for me.

  9. henry wang Says:

    thanks for the updates! 🙂 I’m excited!

  10. I Says:

    By the way I think you should get rid of “rate a picture”. What does that do for anyone other than take valuable space on the tool bar (with all those hearts). How about adding a very clearly marked “Add Caption” button, since I can’t seem to figure out the way to add captions? And how about making it more obvious how to change the date on a picture. I only figured it out by accident!

  11. Carmen Says:

    Hi! I love the site and have been member for quite a while, but I just noticed one thing that worries me a bit. How come anyone to visit my dropshot site is able to order prints of the pictures that I upload?? shouldn’t that be password protected?? Is there a way to get rid of that option and as well to be unable to save the pictures by click and save? KWIM??

  12. Michele K Says:

    Ack! The photos are in reverse order now! It makes much more sense to look at them in chronological order.

  13. Julie Says:

    I agree with Michele K, the order of the photos/videos is odd. While it’s nice to see most recent up top, it makes watching a sequence of events (like a birthday party) really confusing until you figure out you have to start way down at the bottom and work your way forward.

  14. Erin L Says:

    Hi! thanks for all the updates you have been doing. Really need the Titles and Captions features back soon!

  15. Lindsey Says:

    LOVE the new smaller video symbol!

    I don’t like having to start from the bottom when looking at a day’s photos.

  16. Lindsey Says:

    Is there a way to rearrange the order of photos in an album? I don’t always want them to stay in the order I added them to the album.

  17. Jennie Says:

    Ditto to what Lindsey says, and what about changing the order of albums in the “Albums” tab listing? I would like mine in chronological order, based on the dates of the photos, not the date I make the album.

  18. I.N. Says:

    I have finally realized what bothers me about the “new” Dropshots. The pictures in each day are not sorted the right way, they should be chronological. We had to see our day from the end towards the beginning.

    Also the continual showing of dates and pictures on the front page looks unorganized. I just saw friend’s Picasa Web Album and loved it! Their “home page” or “front page” is organized into albums, each of which has a date and title. Then you click on it and see everything that happened that day (in chronological order). I know you were trying to be creative, but I really think you ruined the good thing you had going. I need more organization. The chaotic feel of the front page is driving me crazy!!!

  19. Nina Says:

    I have been a star member for almost 2 years now and I must say that I am happy with most of the new features. But one in particular that I am NOT happy with the feature that is linking back my videos to my home page. If I wanted everyone to be able to see all my photos and videos that I’ve uploaded I would post the link myself… I now will not post my photos or videos in forums that I am in, nor in my blogs and have been using other sites to do so.

    I’m not willing to set my page private since niether my grandparents or my husbands seem to understand how to do it (simple i know, but they just don’t get it). My daughter and I are in Germany, my husband in Iraq and our family and friends are in the States. Dropshots has been one of the best things that has been keeping us close. I really dislike that I am having to use these other (free) sites to do what I can not on a site that I am paying for my membership.

  20. lou Says:

    Recently I had someone take pics and had the wrong date set on the camera. I had to manually correct each pic to the new date. It would be great if there was a way to due this in bulk. Also, it would be nice to have the most recent photos at the top of the stack on the infinite scroll; this could be a user preference setting. Also, it could show it one way under the infinite scroll and another when it is showing them in an album. Lastly, many people rename their photos from the sequential numbers that a camera assigns to their own; it would be great if there was an option where the caption was pulled automatically from the picture name, i.e. file name.

    Thanks for the great job and listening!

  21. lou Says:

    Suggestions for improvement of album feature:

    First, it would be great if the album were clickable and then it would open that set off pics to the right.
    Second, it would be great if the pics list was collapsible.
    Third, it would be great if you could email people the album link; it would then open them the album when they visited the site.

    It would be great if some of us were made into beta-testers; I would be willing.

    Suggestions for improvement of title feature:

    It would be great if you could set the title of the pics in the dropbox ap and then it would tag all the pics/vids with that on upload to the site.

  22. Andrea Says:

    Have you every considered a “counter” at the bottom of the page to track the number of hits? I use the site to update friends and family of our growing family. Its AMAZING to hear how many people check out our site and how often. It would be nice to see this.

    From Darren Hardy:
    It is on our list for consideration!

  23. Jean G. Says:

    I agree with I.N. (8/14). I liked the date with caption and only a few pictures that then could be opened up. It was easier to see which days I had already looked at, and to find pictures I was looking for in past weeks/months/years. Scanning through all the thumbnails, or choosing random dates and browsing, when you’re not sure of the date you’re looking for is time consuming. Our family has been using the site for several years and many are prolific users so this is a real issue.

    From Darren Hardy:

    Hi Jean, I appreciate all your observations. We will continue to evolve and improve navigation. We made some updates over the weekend that improves it a lot. Personally I have thousands and thousands of photos and I can find anything I want pretty fast in a few clicks – MUCH faster actually than the previous set-up. Hopefully, time and experience with the system will give you that same opinion over time.

    When pictures are rotated they are too big for my screen. I cannot see the date, caption or comments and there is no scroll bar on the enlarge picture view. I can only view these things and add my own comment if someone else has already added a comment so I can do it in the right hand display of thumbnails and comments.

    From Darren Hardy:

    Photos have been bounded to a maximum 450 pixel height now.

    Right now the only way I can find to change picture order is to change date/time, which is tedious. An insert feature that would allow a drag and drop type change would be nice. Also it would be helpful to set date in bulk on upload for pictures that were not all taken on the same day, or, for old pictures, not scanned at the same time. When they upload to different days, it is difficult and tedious to find them, to change the dates and then adjust the times once they are all on the same date to reassemble them in the order you wanted them to be viewed.

    From Darren Hardy:
    Yes we are working on a bulk date change function!

    I miss being able to drag and drop a picture to my desktop. The only way I have been able to get pictures from other family member sites is one at a time by emailing them to myself. I also agree with Nina that when sharing with others sending a link is not always appropriate. And, again, it only sends one at a time.

    From Darren Hardy:
    You can upload to any DropShots site by logging into your DropBox with thier username and password and vice versa.

    Your team has been very responsive to issues raised. We appreciate the hard work you have all put in over the past few weeks. Dropshots has been instrumental in establishing almost daily contact with far-flung family members. Please bear with our anxieties and frustrations as the site changes. It is a measure of our appreciation of the service and how important it is to us!

    From Darren Hardy:
    Thank you very much!


    Onloy 2 ting.
    1.- DropBox in good function
    2.- An automatic folder for last files uploaded.

  25. Wendy Says:

    I would love to havea feature that allowed me to change the date on an entire block of pictures, instead of one at a time. Too many times I upload 30 or 40 pictures from last week/month and have to change the date from today to last week/month on EVERY SINGLE ONE! It’s training me to try and keep up to date, but I’m too busy having fun with life and taking the pictures to sit down and share them… I’m trying… thanks!!

    From Darren Hardy:
    Hi Wendy, yes, a feature we are working on… stay tuned!

  26. Mary Says:

    I”m a newer member and love the site…and will love to be able to change the order of the albums…so great to be able to rethink the order and put it right without having to delete the albums and start over (which I have done once already).

    [From Darren Hardy] Yes working on this…

    Now if only you had corrected the time inside my camera this summer so that half my photos don’t say they’re from 2005….

    Thanks for a great service and site.

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