Improvement List and Updates

Ahh, things do get better on Tuesdays! 

Our  CTO (Ryan Sit) has asked that I not do this, but I wanted you to know what IS on our list of improvements so you know that we know – you know? 

My disclaimer: When we start attacking some of these items we might figure a better way than originally disclosed or we might find out it is not possible or sacrifices a higher priority. Please don’t beat me up if some of these items don’t happen or happen fast enough. That is why Ryan doesn’t want me to give you this list. As long as you and I have that understanding, we won’t listen to Ryan – 

Here is a partial list of features and functions are considering and/or working on. We will be constantly adding and reprioritizing our list but this as it sits at this moment –

Assessment/Improvement list:

> Titles purpose and functionality added back in. Everyone’s old titles will be added back into your site with this feature.

> Old uploaded videos will play at the previous size so it doesn’t appear so pixilated – done!

> Captioning function more intuitive

> Have user site load even if they don’t put in the ”www.” before – done!

> Play button too intrusive on thumbnail. Maybe make more transparent or a small indicator/play button in right corner if video – done!

More intuitive “By Date” or Calendaring navigation

> Order of thumbnails when click a year or month as in order of proper calendar – Jan-Dec and 1-31 – done!

> Add week and/or day view – done!

Changes to Large View

> Order of thumbnails on Large View – newest to oldest going downward – done!

> Horizontal lines to separate time on Large View

> Transparency on Large View is not intuitive. Need to change to or add other editing functionality for Email, Blog, Print or Order. 

> Able to change the date – done! If you are not sure how, go here

Blog Functions

> Links back from blog/website to DropShots user page – done!

> Size of photos and videos embedded into blogs – smaller, more appropriate – done! The one-click post to blog is a pretty cool feature. If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl – very nice!

> Forum/Bulletin board html code added – done!!

> Blog html – only available by user through login

> Able to post all photos by day, film strip, slide show, multiple video player, etc.

> Don’t load videos all at once when embedded into blog.


> Email an entire album

> Able to change order of albums on navigation

> Album thumbnails auto ordered by date, until rearranged by drag-n-drop


> Foreign language characters being able to be used in comments and captions – done!

> Emailing function to be able to send photos to friends – done!

> After upload confirmation window improved – done!

> Able to delete comments

> Add smilies and rich editing back to comments

> Caption included on/with the Recent Comments

> Show users total photo/video count

> Keep logged in/save password – visitors too.

> "Order" instead of "Print" for the store tool tip – done!

> Identification of premium users (Star) versus basic

 > Upload and Settings always at top regardless of logged in – done!

I am sure this list will shrink and grow hour by hour, but at least you know that we know about many of these functions and that we are working feverishly to improve everything.

While many of these items were on list already, many of you helped bring attention to a lot of these issues – WE ARE LISTENING!  And we appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

By the way, this is only the Phase I improvement list. We have some really amazing features we will be adding to this new platform that is going to blow away any other photo and video sharing service there is! Can’t say anymore or Ryan will definitely have me hunted down.

Have a wonderful day!

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