Updates for 8-5-07

Good Sunday to everyone! 

Admittedly, there have been some kinks to work out with the DropBox. I know this has made many of you… and me

A new DropBox update is now released. 
It fixes the video encoding problems with .mov, .mp4 (Quicktime movies). Some people got a black video with some red text.  This fixes it.

To be sure you have the latest release (automatically uninstalls old version and installs new):
1) Go to your DropShots user page
2) Login
3) Click on Upload (upper right in header)
4) Click on download

The page will automatically recognize if you are on a PC or a Mac and download the appropriate version.

Your DropShots URLWWW.dropshots.com/username
Right now you have to put in the "www." before dropshots.com/username to get your site to load. If you just put in dropshots.com/username. This will be changed later, but for now be sure to add the "www."

DropShots Store
Store still exists. On any photo, roll your cursor over the image and on the transparency you will see this icon:

When you click it you can order prints or a product with that image:

We have heard you about the size of the embedded video and picture. We will be adjusting to better fit standard blog sizes.

Comments on this Blog
Wouldn’t you know it, but that was having hiccups too. Just know we get and read them all.

Thanks for working with us on all this. Your input is helping shape the evolution of DropShots – thank you.

Darren Hardy
CEO, DropShots

P.S. Please browse below to see if any other bug-a-boo you might be experiencing has been address previously.

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