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Updates for 8-3-07

August 3rd, 2007

Hey, hey it’s Friday! 

Not that it matters to our hard working development team as they will be working right through it to continue to optimize and improve the new system.

I want to reiterate that we are getting all your blog comments, survey responses and Help system inquiries. Every single one of them is being considered and added to the optimization list.

On that note, Monday they will be putting out a new release that will have many of the buggy issues cleaned-up. They will continue to deploy new releases each week for a short period during this initial release phase.

Some of the little bug-a-boo issues most recently fixed are:

> Delete was not fully delete files, this is now fixed and files fully deleted

> The above problem caused problems with duplicate photos when they delete, then re-upload, this is fixed so that the duplicate error only shows if you can see the photo in your DropShots site. 

> Changing dates should work now. Old files can be fixed by deleting the moved red X thumbnails. Then re-uploading. 

Old videos in the new player – because your older videos are now playing in a larger player size the pixels are more noticeable as we talked about before. We are looking into be able to have your older videos play at the old player size so they will look as they did. We are getting to that as soon as possible, but not sure exactly when.

Some have commented that they would like to see the calendar function (on the left navigation) drill down to not only year and month, but also to the week and day. Day won’t be necessary as you will be able to do that with the search feature when released, but the week, or at least week 1, 2, 3, 4, is a good idea and on our list.

Blog functions – yes, we will be adding the ability to post a day’s worth (or more) of photos into your blog with an html embed code. Give us some time to incorporate that into our One-Click Post to Blog utility.

Smily icons in comments – yes, will be added back shortly 

Keep checking back to this blog as it is our way to keep you informed on all progress. As always the Help system is the best way to commuicate a problem so we have your contact info, user address and ticket tracking.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Darren Hardy
CEO, DropShots

22 Responses to “Updates for 8-3-07”

  1. Jennie Says:

    How nice it is to know you’re being heard! I knew there was a reason we all loved this (cyber)place! Thanks for listening, Darren. My family and I are waiting, patiently, for you guys to get it all up and screaming. Can’t wait!

  2. Deidre Says:

    You said:

    “> Changing dates should work now. Old files can be fixed by deleting the moved red X thumbnails. Then re-uploading. ”

    What do you mean? I see no option to change dates/times as was available in the old version. Why would you want to make users have to delete and re-upload to correct date/time? Please clarify.

  3. Soren Says:

    Hi, for some odd reason Dropbox for mac doens’t work (even the latest version downloaded 8/2). This was also an issue with the old version of Dropbox for Mac, but then at least I had the web-upload option, now it’s impossible to upload video! Are you fixing this issue? Haven’t tried the PC version of Dropbox, but for sure the Mac version is not working. Appears to upload a video in a split second (“upload succesful”), but only a blank page on Dropshots.

  4. Clint Hayes Says:

    “Some have commented that they would like to see the calendar function (on the left navigation) drill down to not only year and month, but also to the week and day. Day won’t be necessary as you will be able to do that with the search feature when released, but the week, or at least week 1, 2, 3, 4, is a good idea and on our list.”

    It is nice to know we’re being heard on that score, but the basic point is still being missed: I don’t want to have to browse through a week’s worth of photos at once. We’re a photo-shootin’, video-makin’ family, with two kids who love to take pictures as much as we do. We can easily have fifty photos and videos a week, typically more, and having to wade through rows and rows of photos, separated only by a little day placard, is decidedly inconvenient and hard on the eyes. I can’t explain why other people are okay with it — maybe they just like a wall of photos in front of them — but I like organization and logical interfaces. It makes sense to drill down to the daily level. I assume that’s why you did it in the first place. It made sense then, and it makes sense now. We’re beginning to switch over to Adobe’s photo album software. Photos and videos both, built from the day level up. Hopefully Dropshots will come back around, but if not, we’ll remember when, and save some money at the same time.

  5. Carole Says:

    “Some have commented that they would like to see the calendar function (on the left navigation) drill down to not only year and month, but also to the week and day. Day won’t be necessary as you will be able to do that with the search feature when released, but the week, or at least week 1, 2, 3, 4, is a good idea and on our list.”

    I don’t think you’re hearing what we’re saying…. The search feature will be a nice addition, but it should NOT replace the day view! I’m used to being able to look at the calendar and click on the day I want — I don’t always know the date, so how am I supposed to search for it? In the old calendar view, all I had to do was browse the thumbnails for the month — one per day, not EVERY photo for the month! — and I could easily figure out which day I wanted.

    I think it’s great that you love this new “infinitely scrollable page” — but I think it’s horrible that you’re forcing it on us like this! If you want to give us the OPTION to switch to that view, now THAT would be considered an upgrade! But to take away our calendar and call that an “upgrade” is a joke.

  6. Malini Says:

    Hi! I’m having trouble launching the dropbox ever since I installed the new one it just won’t open πŸ™ don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Also the files are still duplicating when I drag and drop the into albums.. my registration is under FridayClub and I’m a lifetime member! πŸ™‚

  7. marek Says:

    before improvment of dropshots i had no problem to drag movie file mp4
    when new era came no chance only pictures i have to convert to avi cause my cam making MP4 file
    but i ‘d like stay with you and be a life member
    help any body
    if not management

  8. Arezoo Says:

    Hope all is well with you. i HAVE a problem with the new version. The image sizes are a little big for my weblog. The previous version’s size were great. Is there any way to make the image smaller to be fitted in my weblog?!!!

    Thanks and have a nice day.
    Best Wishes, Arezoo

  9. Lindsey Says:

    Thank you so much for responding to the survey and comments. The blog is really helpful, too. It makes it easier to be patient when you know that you are being heard.

    I have been having trouble accessing my homepage. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. When it’s not there, I just get a generic “join Dropshots” page (although it does have my user name in the top left corner.) Even stranger: if I click on “albums” or “search by date” the tab disappears! Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but it’s giving my photo-loving relatives a really hard time when they try to get their daily fix of photos and video clips of their grandson.

  10. Caradie Says:

    When I upload new videos they do not work & yes the size of the video is bigger but you can’t view it all, you can only get to see the top or the bottom of the video at one time.

  11. Caseroni Says:

    Are any other Mac OSX users having problems uploading video via DropBox? It will *not* work for me. The program says that it has uploaded my video, but when I go to my site, the videos are empty.

    I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling several times. This happens on both machines and has for awhile. I had just used the web upload in the past, but that’s gone now.

    Just wondering if it’s just me????

  12. Steph Says:

    I’m sorry but I really do not like the new format. My friends and family that view our pics are having a difficult time with it as well as they can only see one picture at a time (rather than the filmstrip that used to run down the side of the page when you were viewing a day of pics). Also, I really liked the ability to title a day’s worth of pics and I can’t do that any more. To me, the album function is just more work. Just wanted to let you know that I used to LOVE this site but the new format really isn’t working for me and my family anymore. Thank you for listening to one of your “star” members.

  13. Catherine Says:

    There are several things I don’t like about the new site.

    *The video quality is horrible. Bigger isn’t always better. It used to look a lot better
    *I don’t like how I cannot title the dates. I liked explaining what each day was.
    *Everytime anyone logs into my page they have to type my PERSONAL password into it. I am confused why that is happening. I had my account password protected, but the password for that doesn’t work. It wants my personal one.

    Thanks for taking the time to read these complaints, hope things get better so that I don’t have to move my pictures somewhere else and cancel my membership.

  14. Jennie Says:

    OK… one more thing I noticed. Remember how the caption on each photo used to be displayed WITH the comments in the “recent comments” display? That was cool. Often, the comments are written off what’s in the caption. Can we get that back, too?

  15. Leslie Says:

    How do you make the window for the pictures bigger and the one for the comments smaller on the homepage?

  16. Jill Says:

    Deleting still doesn’t work… but I gather from your blog that you think it does… also, if you go to http://dropshots.com/YOURNAME, it doesn’t load correctly. If you put in the www, it’s fine.

  17. Ben Says:

    Not sure I like how the “play” icon (that overlays the video image) covers up the image – you can’t see what the video is/will be about. Wish there was a way that was smaller or placed elsewhere

  18. dark30 Says:

    The Blog/cut n paste is not working for me. I am not able to post last nights big fish πŸ™‚ on our website. Also, the old videos I had posted are not playing…whats up with this? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    I think a user forum would be good.

  19. Halle Brumleve Says:

    Oh, no. I am not happy. My videos will not run now w/o the painful starting and stoping. Have tried all I can so I need some personal help now. Please send a phone number so that I can talk to someone and get this fixed. I would hate to leave but I feel that you are forcing me to leave.
    Thanks, Halle

  20. Jerry Says:

    I have just spent a lot of frustrating time trying to access my photos after your switch to the new look. I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems. I have always accessed my pictures by typing dropshots.com/XXXX and they show up. I have tried this multiple times to no avail over the last few days, trying the same for friends and family photos, also unable to access them. I don’t know why, but I decided to try going to dropshots.com without the rest of the info, just dropshots.com. There I could click on my user name and my photos came up as dropshots.com/XXXX. If I copy and paste that URL to a new window, I come up to a page with no photos and no apparent way to get to them. Can you only get to your photos from the home page? If so, how do you tell others how to get to your photos? And I still can’t figure out how to access other people’s dropshots photos. You home page asks only for someone to sign up or log in. There are no directions how to just view photos that have already been posted by some one. What in the world is going on? Have you changed the entire paradigm of how to access photos or is there a glitch in my system somehow? It would be wonderful to have a help BB where you could get online help by leaving a message. I know the blog is not intended for that.

  21. Steve B Says:

    Is it just me or is the online store now gone as well? It is still mentioned in the “Help” but I can’t for the life of me find it on the new interface. What’s up with that?

  22. Michele K Says:

    Yay for smileys! πŸ™‚ (Sorry I just posted a comment on the message for the 6th, complaining about the loss of smileys, before I read all these blog entries.) Thanks!

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