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Updates for 8-2-07

August 2nd, 2007

Hello today!

Thank you for continuing to send in your comments – on the blog and through our feedback survey. We are reading every response. Even if we cannot respond to you individually know that every issue is going on a task list to fix or improve and/or letting us know what we need to explain here on the blog. For any specific issue the best way to get help is through our Help System so we can track issues and communicate back and forth.

DropBox and Video and Photo Uploading

The new DropBox that was release when the new site went live had some upload issues that we discussed yesterday. Those were fixed so now you can re-download the DropBox and it will now upload new photos and videos in the larger and higher quality version that fits the new DropShots service level and design. Download New DropBox Here

Calendar View

We have had several people comment that they preferred the calendar organization and viewing of the old site. Yes, we know that one of the unique features of DropShots is you can just drag in a file folder of photos and videos (even dozens of years worth) and it will automatically organize every photo and video according to the date the image was originally taken. Then you can view it in that order on DropShots. That still exists, now it is a much more dynamic and easier to navigate format.

When you first go to your user page you see ALL your recently uploaded photos and videos according to date (latest on top) and your most recent comments. On the left you will see a tab called "By Date".

Click that tab and it will open up the calendar.

Now click on any year and you will see the months open up.

Click on the month you want to see and walla!

You can also just click on the year to see all that year’s photos and videos.

Additionally, we are finishing up the Search feature. That will enable you to find photos according to just photos or videos, Tags/keywords or rating.

Blog Links

If you uploaded a photo or video to DropShots then you embedded it into a blog or external website all those photos and videos are showing and working fine. One known bug is that if you click on that photo or video, it should take the viewer to your DropShots page. Right now it is not. This has been added to the list to fix. You do not have to do anything, once we have fixed it the links will work again.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback, that is how we are making this better and better! Our development team is being fed RedBull, coffee or green tea (sometimes all 3 at once!) intraveneously and working around the clock to optimize everything. We appreciate your patience and continued support!

Darren Hardy
CEO, DropShots

21 Responses to “Updates for 8-2-07”

  1. Marc Verlander Says:

    I’ve download the new drop box and I’m still having trouble uploading videos. I uploaded them fine with the old dropbox but wanted to try the new one again since you said it was working. However, it still just loads a black video. I also deleted a couple of videos that I uploaded yesterday, which uploaded black, in order to try and reload them and I get a message saying that there is a duplicate file. Any ideas?

  2. hao Says:

    Is there any way you can add the day in that menu after the month and year. i may have up to several hundred pictures a month which gets to be tedious to scroll through, even tho the site is much faster now. I do like the new speed, but it would just be a little more convenient if the day were listed so i could go right to the pictures i want. thanks.

  3. Cristina Says:

    Can’t you please let the old videos play in the old format so we do not have to re-upload them. The pixels make all my videos look awful. I love the fact that new videos will play at bigger and better quality, but do not want to go back and repload 90 videos.

    Thank you!

  4. Lou Ann Says:

    I read your blog and re-downloaded drop shots because my video did not show a picture or sound. I deleted my videos and re-downloaded them. I now get a picture and sound but it is very jummpy and the sound is terrible.

  5. Craig Miller Says:

    Since the new version of dropshots has been activated, whenever we (or family members or friends) go to our website (http://www.dropshots.com/rumour), it doesn’t always pull up our pictures….sometimes it is just a dropshops intro page with “getting started”, “make albums”, “invite friends”.

    After clicking on “Welcome rumour” in the top right corner several times, our pictures finally appear. Why is this? How is it fixed so that when I go to our website, I (and everyone else) will automatically see the pictures. Please help … this only started since version 2.0.

  6. Joshua Says:

    I’ve found that whenever I change the time on a picture/video, the picture/video won’t show up in the new time slot. A big ‘X’ is shown instead. Is this being worked on? Thanks!

  7. Tracy Says:


    It only works if you do one picture at a time and wait for a screen to come up to say it was uploaded. Then go back and do the next picture.

    I hope you guys are working on this. I really loved this site in the past and I’m hoping you’ll be fixing things soon. I do love the new “post right to your blog” option though.


    1.- I don’t understand the form well in the fact that the Dropbox works. Why a doble uploading message for each file? Why does a descending percentage appear?
    2. – I tried to go up several files, around 10, but they only went up the first one; the rest disappeared.
    3.- The help page is inaccessible.

    NEW FEATURE: I’d like a folder for the last files uploaded. Many times I don’t know exactly the date of my files, so after uploading, I can’t find them.

  9. Jon Says:

    Calendar View

    Yes, I know how to access the month view using the new widget… but the information display is not the same! Can you add a setting to view the “classic” dropshots?

  10. oliver t griswold Says:

    the problem that i’m running into is that it is very cumbersome to scroll through thousands of photos in a given month to get to a particular date. the old format allowed for the representative three shots and easy access to any date with several clicks. while i’ll agree that the photo display is reasonably quick it just can’t handle thousands of photos to get to a particular date in a month.

  11. cschackai Says:

    I can’t open the help page to email this Q, so I’m posting it here.
    When I go to my dropshots page, I cannot see any photos unless I log in first. Does that mean that no one can see our photo page now unless they are registered??!!!
    I want anyone who has my URL to see my photos, otherwise I’d use a password.

    Can you tell me if this is a temporary problem??

  12. michele rathbone Says:

    I still don’t like the new format… and I was such a devoted dropshots user. I can’t get my captions to save… and I followed your directions but when I pushed enter… the captions disappeared.
    I can’t delete 2 videos that malfunction. I’ve dragged them to the trashcan numerous times, but they reappear the next time I open dropshots. I also don’t want to type in the password everytime I view my own or my friends photos… I used to be able to save the passwords.
    Please go back to your old format…

  13. Whitney Says:

    Sorry Guys…but, I really don’t like the new format at all. Seeing all of the pictures at once when you open up your home page is very overwhelming. It doesn’t have an option to save my password each time…so I have to reenter it daily. Plus, you can’t see my titles and comments that I’ve spent so much time adding to my pictures. Sorry guys…but, I think it’s a flop.

  14. oliver t griswold Says:

    the ordering of the photos is now a bit odd. we have the days in descending sort order but the photos within each day sorted in ascending order. this makes for some very disjointed viewing of photos/videos which span midnight. please also consider adding a recent photos/videos added view where one could see the recently added stuff regardless as to when the photo was taken. thanks.

  15. oliver t griswold Says:

    another thing that’s seems to be gone was the very cool sense of time that the old views imparted by using the horizontal lines to represent time between the photos. really liked that and don’t see where it is in the new format.

  16. Debbie Says:

    A couple of comments … since your new version is buggy, perhaps it might be helpful to run both versions (old and new) for now, and let people choose the one they want to use. That’s what Yahoo! did. They improved their webmail, but you could choose to use their Beta version or the old one. I used the Beta version because it was so much better and there were no bugs.

    If you do that, I think you’ll have less frustrated clients, and you’ll still be getting feedback.

    Also, there aren’t enough links after we log in … meaning, it’s great to have the blog when you want to read in-depth, but we need it to be so user-friendly that we don’t have to think or read much. People just don’t have the time anymore.

    We shouldn’t have to read a blog with all these instructions just to use the site. It should just be very apparent to all users what has to be done in order to take advantage of the functions.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Carole Says:

    “No Responses to “Updates for 8-2-07””

    no responses?

    You’ve not allowed ANY of my comments, and none of my husband’s either. Makes me wonder how many others are being suppressed, and how many of them are ALSO begging you to give us back the old calendar view….

    It’s a darned shame, really: I was going to become a lifetime member as soon as my husband’s car was paid off — in seven months, I think, so you’d have my monthly fee until that point — but now, not only am I not going to switch to Lifetime, I’m not going to keep paying by the month.

    My sister was going to be a new paying customer: I got her to sign up for a trial, and she loved it — until you switched. She’s going to go away now.

    My father-in-law signed up months ago. He hates the new interface. He’s going away now.

    My sister-in-law signed up months ago. She is going to switch as soon as we find a replacement for her.

    I have posted in my blog, about my disappointment with the new interface, and have emailed those friends who don’t regularly check my blog.

    If you decide to give us the option to view things in the familiar calendar view, please let me know and we will all return immediately! (And we’ll be singing your praises to all who will listen, again….)

  18. Nicole Says:

    I have been trying to download the dropbox for 2 days now and it won’t download. I keep getting this “unable to locate dll” message. Please help, I hate the new upload format and want to be able to use the dropbox. I couldn’t find an answer no matter where I searched.

  19. Natasha Says:


    It’s taken me a good 15 minutes to find out how to even contact you – how annoying.

    Anyway, hopefully this is the right medium. I’m on a Mac, using Firefox, and I can’t view the videos properly. I have to hold my mouse over the tab at the top of the page to get the video to show up, and even then it flickers on and off. Basically it’s unwatchable. This is a new problem with the new site, I was able to watch videos before. Also, I can’t upload videos properly. You mentioned in the blog that this has been fixed, but I downloaded the new Dropbox as recommended and it doesn’t work – has the Mac version also been fixed? I drop the videos into the box and they say they’ve been uploaded in a few seconds, whereas I uploaded about 10 photos the other day and it took a good minute or so… Then there’s a play button with a blank screen underneath it on the site where the video should be.

    Otherwise, I like the new format :o)


  20. dan Says:

    i do not like the fact that anyone can create a link of my pics or videos to their blogging sites such as Myspace or Facebook. The reason my wife and I joined dropshots was the sense of privacy that the website provided while allowing family members from around the world to eaily view pics and videos. I do not want people who we refrer to the site to be able to copy or link our pics to other sites without our permission. Can you please make your new version more secure?

  21. Rebecca Says:

    Carol…they don’t put any of my comments up either. ANNOYING!

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