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Updates for 8-1-07

August 1st, 2007

Hello and thank you for the overwhelming enthusiasm for the new DropShots 2.0 site!

With every new technology release there are always wrinkles to get ironed out. During this process I am going to personally update this blog to inform you of updates.

Also keep in mind, for some people, change or something new and different can take some getting used to. I know when Microsoft updated to Office 2007 I didn’t like it at first and wanted to go back to the older version. Not being able to (didn’t have copy of the old program), I got used to it and now MUCH prefer it over the old version. The new DropShots platform IS very different and a BIG leap forward technologically. Please give it some time. As you continue to play with it and show your friends and family I think you too will come to absolutely love it!

The New DropBox release and Uploading Video
This is the biggest snafu we found. For some odd reason the new DropBox release experienced an encoding bug so it was not uploading videos correctly. The bug is being worked on right now and should be completed within the next 24-48 hours. This is only a problem for those that downloaded the new DropBox over the past 48 hours (that is when the new version was available). In the meantime the old version is available for download. The only downside is it will only upload video in the quality and size of the old site. This will be A-OK very soon! If you need to re-download the DropBox, click here

Web Uploader
Working great, just informing you that it will no longer upload video (use DropBox for video). You probably weren’t using it for video anyhow because it took too long. With the new video size and quality it takes way too long to really be a viable option. The DropBox on the other hand will upload high quality video in lightening speed by comparison.

Knowledge Base/ Help System
During the transfer of our database system yesterday if you tried to access our Knowledge Base or send a support ticket you got an error. This is fixed now and working great.

Titles was a function that was needed and unique to the old style of DropShots. Before you only saw the first 3 photos of all that days activities. Many users used the Title section to explain the events and point out that there are other pictures (not visible in the first 3) about other activities and subjects. Now that you can see ALL the photos and videos on one infinitely scrollable page, titling a "Day" is no longer applicable. 
Now you can use the Caption to describe that specific photo.

To bring the past into the future we WILL be bringing all your old titles into your library so you have that information accumulated from the past. This will happen over the next week or two so please stay tuned. Going forward, the better way to identify and share information about your memories is on the Caption function of each photo and/or video.

Making Captions
Making captions is easy to do, but admittedly it is not as obvious or intuitive as it needs to be – we are working on that. Here is how you add a caption to a photo or video:

From your User Home page click on the photo or video thumbnail you want to caption. Roll over the area below the date and it will become blue:
Click and it will become an input box where you can add your caption. Hit enter and your done!

Deleting/Editing Comments
We know you cannot edit or delete existing comments now, but will be adding that functionality soon.

Video Quality
Some of the videos you uploaded in the past might look a little more pixilated now. All that is happening is your video is being shown larger so the pixels are more noticeable. Any videos you upload with the new DropBox (when we re-release it in 24-48 hrs from now) will be uploaded as a larger and higher quality video.

Downloading Videos
To stream video online effectively the format you upload video in is encoded, transcoded and converted to Flash – most all video sharing services stream video in Flash otherwise it would not be possible to stream and view over the internet. The new higher quality Flash version we are using to give you the higher quality experience does not convert back to WMV or MPG4 efficiently. The solution is to download it in FLV format then you can download a Flash (FLV) player to watch it on your computer. Here is a link to download a free FLV player: Windows –
http://www.dropshots.com/binaries/FLVPlayerSetup.exe Mac – http://www.dropshots.com/binaries/Perian_1.0.dmg

Feedback Survey
For some reason the survey was not activated until recently. It looked like it was receiving your survey inputs but it wasn’t being captured. It has since been properly activated and is working. If you gave us feedback before it is likely we didn’t get it.

Keep checking this blog for continued updates and thanks again for all your enthusiastic support! 

Darren Hardy
CEO, DropShots

20 Responses to “Updates for 8-1-07”

  1. eugene Says:

    i’m unable to leave a ticket. it takes me to a blank page.

    i’m still unable to write captions on my pictures. there is no blue box.

    the pictures that i have edited the time on do not show anymore. they are now broken images.

    please help! thanks

  2. Nicole Says:

    One other problem I am having, thanks for the quick addressing of the previous post by the way, is that the HTML code does not work on Blogger. IT keeps telling me the code is not closed. If i use the new tool to upload directly, the video is way too large – it cuts off half of it. I much preferred the smaller size – it was perfect for Blogger.

    Good Luck with the new system!

  3. Jennie Says:

    Thanks for your message… we really appreciate the response. It’s not like our concerns are just falling into the ether! Thanks!

    But, concerns I still have: How do we “post thumbnails of all photos and videos from this day” to our blog, as we used to? (the best feature we had, in my opinion.) And why isn’t a link back to DropShots embedded with the HTML code anymore?

  4. Debbiemcknight Says:

    On the old pictures you select to view you can not see the whole picture and see the captions at the same time. There is to much space between the picture and the caption. Is this because it was downloaded with the old drop box? Is this something that will change once I start downloading the new stuff with the new dropbox which will download larger pictures?

  5. Lena Järkelid Says:

    The first day with the upgraded version I made new albums and I could see my photos and videos, but now I can´t see either albums or any photos/videos by date.

  6. adentse Says:

    We used to be able to type “chinese” under titles and captions, but now no more….it doesn’t work any longer, can you fix it please? Thanks.

  7. Lillian Says:

    The new futuristic design is eyecatching, but my family is having a difficult time scrolling down, and down, and down to view the videos. Is it possible to display the videos in “date/calendar” form like before? It WAS more organized, clean, and visually beautiful. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to make this website wonderful, THANK YOU dropshots!

  8. jennifer Says:

    please make the older version of the osx drop box available too!

  9. Maria Kuhlka Says:

    I reinstalled the dropbox as suggested, but I still have the same problem with video I had yesterday and day before. I upload the clip, it shows the thumbnail, and after it loads shows a black screen with no controls to play/stop… Not playing.

  10. marek Says:

    hi i am long time member since new dropbox
    i am unable put any mopre pictures and videos i reinstaled box so many times and not working still
    i can drag in the box the same file couple times and no massage the file allredy existing
    no files appear on may http://www.dropshots.com/marekles since july 31.2007
    what ois going on i want to join as a full paying member but how
    if my staff can not be posted on this server
    help any body
    if not managment

  11. Debbie Says:

    I’m unable to leave a ticket too! (So I emailed Marc S. but just remembered his computer isn’t hooked up so he can’t forward it on to you, Darren.) And I downloaded the new drop box but it won’t open – asks me for an application. What application would I use? Gosh guys, I really liked your old site better. This one is way too buggy and should not have been released.

    Here’s my original attempt to send a ticket earlier today:
    Sorry guys, but I absolutely am not thrilled with your new look. It doesn’t appear to work well on a Mac, for one thing. I downloaded DropBox and I was able to upload 2 photos. Then I uploaded some videos, but then I couldn’t see them. I tried changing the filename on one of them from Kya_1.MOV to Kya1.mov, just in case, but that didn’t help. Then I tried to watch some of my old videos, but they didn’t work. I can hear the videos, but I can’t view them. As yes, I have cable internet, so download speed shouldn’t be the issue.

    I used to be able to put titles and descriptions on my photos and videos, which made it more interesting to others. Now I don’t seem to have that option. Plus, it was so much easier to pick and choose what you wanted to watch before. Some people want to see certain photos and videos, while others would prefer to see different ones. Now you have them all lumped together, and the eye can’t differentiate between them.

    I’m a graphic designer, and I know the importance of “readability.” Readability comes first, design second. You’ve got it the other way around.

    Anyway, how do I get my videos to work? I needed someone to see them, and they can’t.



    P.S. Great. I just tried to hit the Submit button and I got the error message, “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘SQL2’ (10061)” Apparently, this new look needed a lot more troubleshooting before you released it.

  12. lindsey Says:

    1. Survey doesn’t seem to be working. Keeps taking me to the Survey Monkey page.

    2. Can you make the video arrow less intrusive? It’s hard to see which video is which with that big arrow in the middle of the image. I don’t want to have to watch each video when I am looking for a specific clip.

  13. Debbie Says:

    OK, I’m on a Mac. I tried to download Perian_1.0.dmg and it failed to mount … corrupt image error message. That was the correct link to download for Mac? Your post is a little messed up right there, so it was hard to tell which link to click on.

  14. Clint Hayes Says:

    I see my comment is still awaiting moderation, two days later. What a cop-out. Don’t start a blog if you can’t take negative feedback.

  15. Carol Says:

    I can’t figure out how to use the Dropbox after downloading and installing it. I had to upload my pictures one at a time on the web upload feature. It would not take multiple pictures. I can’t change the date or put a caption. I lose the scroll of thumbnail pictures after viewing. Obviously, I am having a lot of trouble. 🙁

  16. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Darren,
    First of all, I am not going to sugar coat my comment by saying that I love Dropshots, blah, blah, blah. I think it has changed for the worst, and I am not satisfied at all. However, I have invested so much time and energy into this site that I am reluctant to change. I would like to point out that no one’s videos are uploading properly, and that this has been going on for over a week. Please fix this, or give me some time frame as to when this will be fixed. Please don’t patronize me with your standard answer of “Keep the faith…we are working on things that I think will make it even more fun and intuitive for you!”. Just give me a realistic time frame. I would rather not have to try for hours to upload videos while you at Dropshots are aware that they won’t upload. Also, I have noticed that you have not been responding to people’s complaints. This is quite frustrating. People still have double commenting problems and video problems, to name a few. Maybe hiring a few more customer service reps would not be a bad idea. Thank you for your time and please no generic responses that avoid my questions and concerns completely.
    P.S. Due to the fact that Dropshots seems to have not worked out its glitches for some time despite multiple reassurances from you, my friends and I are currently searching for another site. Please Darren, renew my faith!

    ***From Darren Hardy***

    Hello Rebecca, every comment is read and every support request submission is responded to from our Knowledge Base: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=view Please understand we are working to isolate individual upload issues. Know that tens of thousands of users are uploading photos and videos every day – this is not a system wide problem. Based on different configurations (operating systems, media file, source of file-camera taken with, any editing, software upgrades on system, browser, ISP, security software, etc.) some INDIVIDUAL configurations experience challenges. We then have to find a way to duplicate ones SPECIFIC issue to see it and then start to work on a solution. This takes time, many labor hours and the participation of the user experiencing the problem. Again, meanwhile we have several hundred thousand users where everything is working great. I guarantee you we are giving any identified issues the utmost priority and urgency. It is not for lack of anything short of a herculean effort by our developement and customer service team.

    Susan, can you please contact Rebecca to try and identify her problem. Thanks. – DH

  17. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Darren, et al…. I am upset by the fact that you would not post my recent comment. There was nothing derogatory or crude about it. I feel as if you are censoring the feelings of frustrated customers. I believe that we, as paying customers, have the right to be taken seriously and know that a company will not screen feelings in a public forum. I am very disappointed with this….how many of our concerns have not been posted for all to see? Please email me so that I at least know you are reading this. It is very rude not to.

    ***From Darren Hardy***

    Rebecca, please read below. Give us more than an hour to read updated comments 🙂

  18. Frank Dionne Says:

    I too am searching for another site! I am totally disgusted witht eh way this has been handles from the beginning! It is apparent that you do not know what you are doing!

  19. Frank Dionne Says:

    Sorry I did not spell check my previous comment, but I’m sure you got my point!

  20. Lou Says:

    would be great if…
    if could drag and drop pics onto dates so that the date change could be made

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