Update 9-12-07


There has been a lot of request for the "Classic" DropShots style as you have called it. Well we are working on a modification to the User Home page view that I think you are REALLY going to like. We are working out the technical issues now so I don’t want to get too specific with promises, but I will tell you it includes:

  • Cleaner, less busy or cluttered look.
  • Ability to see multiple days above the "fold" regardless of how many pictures are in each day.
  • Titles/Commentary above each day <-yeah!

Simply stated, MUCH like the User Home page of the "Classic" DropShots but technically improved with much more attractive design. This really brings together the best of both worlds – the simple, clean and useful user interface of "Classic" DropShots with the technical advancement, speed and elegance of "DropShots 2.0".

Give us a couple/few weeks as Ryan and his team are having to pull out all their tricks to make this work (and work excellently!) on this new architecture.

All your ideas and feedback has been exceptional! Thank you!! We do appreciate it all 

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