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Problem solving for video uploading or viewing issues:

August 8th, 2007



There is a new Windows DropBox update (release date – Aug. 19th, 2007)

Latest release fixes the black screen, red text video problem:

1) Be absolutely sure you have the latest DropBox: Go here to Download
(be sure you properly login to the DropBox after downloading so it knows your account)

2) Be sure you have the latest Windows Media Player 10 or 11: Click to Download

3) Be sure you have an updated version of Flash: Click to Download

4) For .MOV files be sure you have the latest Quick Time Player: Click to Download


There is a new Mac DropBox update (release date –  Aug. 19th, 2007)

1) Be absolutely sure you have the latest DropBox: Go here to Download
(be sure you properly login to the DropBox after downloading so it knows your account)

2) For .MOV files be sure you have the latest Quick Time Player: Click to Download

 Please try these steps, delete any faulty videos and re-upload them after you have done the above.

Viewing Issues

1) The site is best viewable at a minimum resolution of 1024X768. To adjust go to Start > Control Panel > Display > Advanced > adjust the resolution.

2) Make sure you have javascript and cookies on:

The javascript setting is under Tools>Options>Content
The cookie setting is under Tools>Options>Privacy



4) If you are still having troubles, you might want to disable your firewall and security settings temporarily to see if that is the cause of the problem.

Just in case… Updating your Firmware:

DropShots has been tested with the latest software operating systems and browsers.  Please make sure your system is running the latest software if you are having any problems with DropShots.  It is possible that there is a bug or problem with an older operating system that has since be remedied by the latest software.

For Mac:
Click on the apple logo on the top-left bar; then click on about this Mac; then click on Software Update.

Alternatively you can go to:
To check your current software/firmware version you can go to the apple logo on the top-left bar; then click on about this Mac; then click on more info.
For PC:
Run Windows Update: http://www.windowsupdate.com and follow the on screen instructions.

If you still experience an upload, viewing or audio problem we want to know. Please contact us through "Help" on your site.

P.S. – be sure to watch this post for updates to the improvement list.


3) Update your browser:

Internet Explorer 7: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx
Firefox 2: www.mozilla.com
Safari 3: http://www.apple.com/safari/download/

24 Responses to “Problem solving for video uploading or viewing issues:”

  1. I Says:

    Is there a way you can add “Search Blog” button? As this blog is getting bigger, it might be nice to be able to use a keyword search such as “adding captions” to learn how to do things. Or at least FAQ list! Thanks 🙂

    Also thanks for taking time to communicate with us about all the changes. That’s a great customer skill 😉 I love Dropshots and want it to be the best it can be.

  2. Jennie Says:

    ALREADY we see great results! The shrinking of the “play” icon on video thumbnails! Magnificent!

  3. oliver t griswold Says:

    the order of the thumbnails is now great (time descending along with the dates)! thanks much!

  4. oliver t griswold Says:

    alright, days of the month! this helps a *lot*. suggestion: could you put a random thumnail (or two or three) next to each day in the left hand nav column? also, might it be possible to use the days as an index into the full collection? when i click on day 6 i should be taken to day 6 of the month but then be able to scroll up or down in the right hand thumbnails to view previous and next days. regardless, at least i can get to a specific day with out doing 5-10 minutes of scrolling. thanks!

  5. Maria Kuhlka Says:

    Thanks you for working so hard in fixing all the bugs.
    I was able to upload videos, but didn’t play now I’m able to upload videos and play just fine, but the window size went back to the old small one. What happened to the new bigger one? When they didn’t play a few days ago, the window size although just a black screen was much bigger.

  6. Cristina Says:

    One thing I’d like to mention is that instead of playing formerly uploaded videos in the small player, you are putting everything in the small viewer that was recorded before 08/01/07. I uploaded videos from July a few days ago, and they are playing small. I’d rather newly uploaded ones play large regardless of the date it was recorded. Just my 2 cents!

    Thank you for all the updates. I love the site.

  7. Jennie Says:

    It’s great having the “by date” sorting back!!! If I get “post thumbnails” back, I’ll be totally good to roll. Thanks, you guys!

  8. Leslie Says:

    And now when I try to upload a new video, it’s just a green screen! I uninstalled and reinstalled Dropbox to make sure I have the right one, but it didn’t help.

  9. Jennie Says:

    OK, one tiny thing… The blog posting photos are smaller, and that’s perfect. But they seem really grainy and pixillated, compared to what we used to enjoy. Why is this? Are you using a different method to shrink them? Just wanted to know… Having them smaller, with an embedded link back to DropShots, is a real improvement.

  10. Kristy Says:

    Ditto what Cristina said, exactly! I am experiencing videos dated previous to Aug 1 even if I upload them today they are smaller. Can this get fixed. I would love to have them actual size on the site just in case my DVDs or Hard drive break. Thanks

  11. Whitney Says:

    Ok…I have a question. Why have we changed the thumbnails to be cascading from the newest picture to the oldest??? This makes absolutely NO SENSE! A day of pictures tells a “story”….think about it. A day of picture taking…

    when a new baby is born (do you want to see the baby all dressed in her new clothes first …or do you want to see the events in the order that they happened…mom and dad going to the hospital, laboring, the brand new baby in the nursery…and THEN the baby dressed up in her new clothes).

    a wedding (do you want to see the first picture of the bride and groom driving off in their car to leave on their honeymoon…or do you want to see the bride preparing her hair, the groom waiting at the end of the aisle, the kiss, and the reception, and THEN them driving off???)

    a little boys first ice cream cone (do you want to see his messy face and clothes first, or the events leading up to the messy face getting messier with each picture???)

    I could go on and on and on. Pictures tell STORIES..and the way that you have the thumbnails set up…we are reading the last page of the story before we read the first!
    I don’t know about you…but, I don’t read books that way! I’m so particular that when people look at a stack of my digital prints..I want them to keep them in the correct order so that I can put them in my albums correctly. Do you have your friends and family begin looking at your prints from the back of the stack and move forward? I don’t think so. Do you have your friends and family look at a photo album from the back and work to the front??

    Please change the thumbnails to the “old” way..so that my pictures can tell the story in the correct order…the first pictures I take when my little boy wakes up in the morning…all the way to the last picture of the day..snuggled peacefully in his bed.

  12. Mr.Pilow Says:

    I have challenges with the albums. As I drag-and-drop the pictures into a new album, they are not added in the album, mostly, they are added apart from the album (underneeth) and make viewing not so great.

    I know it should be that as a picture is added to the album, it shows up in the album, but it is not the case for 95% of the time.

    Can this be resolved ? Many thanks.

    P.S. I have tried other site, but love Dropshots the best for its dropbox function. That is just Great!

  13. Stacey Says:

    I agree with Whitney! Looking at each day of pics I want to start with the first pics taken for the day. It is telling the story backwards!

  14. Kristy Says:

    I agree completely Whitney. I was wondering why I was so confused looking at the pictures lately.

  15. oliver t griswold Says:

    i was / am a big proponent of the thumbnails being in order of the days in the big view. makes for viewing events which cross midnight more smoothly. however, i also agree with these recent comments about viewing a particular day in time ascending order as you scroll down. perhaps the dates and time could simply be reversed here and dropshots would take you to the most recent day which is at the bottom of the stack? then one could scroll forward in that day which makes sense but also have option of scrolling back up through the days? thanks…

  16. Daniel Says:

    I suggest:

    – “about” item in “menu” tab in Dropbox so you can see the version

    – control over resolution files are being uploaded in, in case people have slow connections and are not interested in waiting a long time for upload, or for people that have bandwidth limits (such as Verizon Broadband through cell phones or PC cards – 5Gb/month max)

    – auto-update feature

    Thank you!

  17. Alissa Says:

    I agree 100% with Whitney, the story of the pics is not told well in the current format. Please revise this to make sense with the order as it happens in real life. Thanks for getting rid of the dropshots update box after each pic uploaded, that was really annoying. I cannot wait until Titles are back, I miss the ability to Title the day’s events.

  18. Tina Says:

    I agree with Whitney! There needs to be an order of the pictures from the beginning of the day to the end. I thought it was so bizarre that this was changed. Can this please be changed!!!?? Thanks for listening to all of our suggestions!!!

  19. Pam Says:

    I agree with Whitney. I couldn’t figure out why my photos of my son eating avocado for the first time started with the messiest photo and went backwards, actually. 🙂 I see the logic you’re using, but I think it makes more sense to start at the beginning of the day and move from there, the way people read.

  20. michele rathbone Says:

    Ditto to all the above comments. I also miss the ability to title the days events… it was all so easy with the old format… why the change? Also, the position of the dropbox on the screen blocks many of the comments so I always have to move it….a pain. PLEASE go back to the old format… it was so straight forward and easy to use.

  21. Jennie Says:

    I’m having trouble uploading a big video… I just downloaded 5.5 and am trying that now. But, did anyone notice the coding glitch right under the “Menu” tab in the new DropBox? Just a cosmetic thing, I’m sure. Also, I did get one error message on one file on install. I’m hoping this works. I have about 43% left to go!

  22. Jean G. Says:

    I agree with michele rathbone above (8/15) about the view on the larger version of the pictures cutting off comments, and for a rotated picture, the ability to make a comment. Can you at least add a scroll bar, though my preference would be to go slightly smaller so the complete view was there?

    From Darren Hardy:

    The height size of the photo is now bounded by a maximum of 450 pixels to fix this issue. Also the site is best viewable at a minimum resolution of 1024X768. To adjust go to Start > Control Panel > Display > Advanced > adjust the resolution.

  23. DARK30 Says:

    I need to be able to post a video clip on our website (WITHOUT) linking back to my home page at Dropshots.

    Will this again be possible or not.

  24. Natasha Says:

    I have done everything on the list to be able to view a couple of videos that I’ve uploaded – upgraded everything, checked cookies/java, reinstalled Dropbox, deleted the vids and reuploaded them… still can’t watch them unless I hover my mouse over the tab at the top of the page, and the quality’s not good, especially the sound. I can watch the old small ones just fine though. I don’t know why I can’t watch them – I’m on a Mac and use Firefox… HELP!!

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