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Ulead Announces Winners in Comedy Video Contest. The competition was held in cooperation with DropShots, a family-friendly video and picture sharing site.

DropShots’ innovative new audio and video commenting features are further helping families stay connected and share life experiences

Families Share Special Moments With InterVideo Ulead VideoStudio 10 and DropShots declared as number one site for family video sharing on the Internet.
Sharing the memories of your wedding just got easier with releases its innovative service to help families stay connected and share life experiences.

Press coverage:

A better way to share photos online. I’ve always enjoyed sharing photographs with my family and friends. And with the digital images… read story
Anyone for a Virtual Goodnight Kiss? When thinking digital, most wouldn’t think of relationships… read story
DropShots Featured on Prime-Time Newsclick to watch
It’s a story that happens everywhere: A tech-savvy college student struggles to help a tech-naive parent. But UC San Diego computer science student Ryan Sit took it further. Sit turned… read story
Family movies find new home on the web. Sites offer to share video clips online… read story Declared as Number One Site for Family Video Sharing on the Internetread story
Master’s Thesis Spawns Online Photo-sharing Company It was in his mother’s frustration with digital camera software that CSE alumnus Ryan Sit (’02) found his master’s thesis… read story
A company called Dropshots, however, is taking a slightly different approach, according to chief executive officer Darren Hardy. He says DropShots isn’t so much about posting pictures and video clips… read story
Renewed Video Sharing Trends Spurs Competition. Competition is heating up between top companies as more people seek to share their videos online. Amateur and personal video is… read story
DropShots is one of a new generation of lean and smart Web 2.0 companies that are flourishing as broadband access becomes commonplace and everyone from kindergardners to grandmothers embrace the story
Use DropShots to Stay Connected to Family and Friends So many families these days are separated by geographical distances, and the result is a bunch of grandparents who sadly miss out on their grandkids’ everyday experiences… read story
Interview with Ryan Sit: Dropshots, Inc. I think the main thing is you need to keep yourself motivated, most obstacles can be solved if you are motivated enough to go through the problems… read story
Website Brings Family To Sea Families separated by deployment can stay visually connected through… read story
In the old days, family members would send care packages that included photos depicting current events. But now, a San Diego-based internet company,, makes it easier… read story
Renewed Video Sharing Trends Draw Heated Competitionread story Releases Its Innovative Service to Help Families Stay Connected and Share Life Experiencesread story
Whether it’s photos of a new born infant or video clips of a child’s first steps, military fathers and mothers deployed overseas often need specialread story
read story
One that got lost in the CES avalanche was the DropShots, a service to help friends and families stay connected through photos, videos, and conversations which… read story
DropShots had become the preferred service for Canadian families who want to stay in touch and share memories captured on photo and video. DropShots is…read story was born out of the Cognitive Science and Computer Science research labs at UCSD. is a… read story
Share Picture and Video Clips on Macs through DropShots is a leading personal video sharing service. It hosts online over… read story Declared as Number One Site for Family Video Sharing on the Internetread story
DropShots, an online photo album, forged this kind of "joint venture partnership"read story

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