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New Enhanced Features

November 26th, 2007

Hello All!

Everyone here at DropShots wishes you a warm holiday season.

We have been busy!

Drag-n-drop thumbnails from ANYWHERE!
Now you can drag-n-drop thumbnails into albums or trash from every page – including your user home page! This makes moving and organizing your photos SUPER easy!

Easier Scrolling
Another notable enhancement is on the Large Photo View (the view after you double click any thumbnail). You can scroll by either –
1) using the scroll bar on the right,
2) clicking on the the next thumbnail and now
3) if you roll your cursor over the right or left side of the photo you will see a "previous" or "next" function.
This allows you to go from picture to picture without moving your cursor at all.

LOTS more enhancements behind the scenes to make it even faster and more reliable as well.

Features coming soon:


Star (Premium User) Identification

# of pics and vids you have

And much, much more!!

16 Responses to “New Enhanced Features”

  1. Grandad Elgar Says:

    What a great looking baby, but that was a given, hes; my Grandson.
    Congrats Helen&Jamie

  2. Daniel Says:

    Why are the videos smaller and lower quality effective not too long ago? The old ones I had uploaded still have the full size and original quality that I grew to love.

  3. Tony Says:

    You still have the double-click to view the large pictures and video screen in the album and date thumbnails. Can we have the single-click like on the home page? It’s very difficult to explain to a novice computer user that they need to click on the picture twice quickly!

    Still really missing the Slideshow feature…


    [From Darren Hardy]
    Tony, if single click was allowed you wouldn’t be able to select multiple thumbnails to drag into albums or the trash – it would open up the large view every time when all you wanted to do was select it to drag. Make sense?

  4. LeeAnn Says:

    Help! I along with at least one other person have not been able to sign in with the correct guest password for the last couple of days. The only way I can see my page is to log in. Any suggestions?? I’m afraid to think that someone else changed my password!

  5. Shanna Says:

    Thanks for the update! I can’t wait until all the features are cooperating. :0)

  6. Michele Says:

    I think the Date menu on the left functions well enough as a calendar.
    I’m just looking forward to the end of the times when I get error messages and have trouble with pictures opening up.
    Oh, yes, and I’m wishing for the ability to order backup CDs/DVDs of my photos.
    Keep up the hard work! This is still the best photo sharing site!

  7. dannie Says:

    I Have a few suggestions that I would really need before upgrading my membership.

    If an album is accessed via a direct url there is no prompt for guest password.
    I still feel this site is not secure even with the guest password, I would rather have my site locked down by default and invite those who I want to or just invite someone to a particular album. Will that be possible in the future?
    It is kind of annoying to click on an album name to open it and have the name become editable instead, can this be fixed?



    [From Susan – DropShots Support]

    Dannie, actually, if you’ve added a guest password to your account, then guests are ALWAYS prompted to enter it when they access your site….even if it’s from a direct url that you’ve emailed to them. Otherwise, having a guest password would be pointless. Therefore, everyone’s site is completely secure. Also, no one can access your site unless they know your user name, so be sure to share your guest password and user name ONLY with those whom you trust.

    As for the albums, the title becomes editable only if you double click on it. Or, if you’ve already clicked on it once and it’s now highlighted, then it does become editable if you click on it again while it’s highlighted.

  8. dannie Says:

    Another thing, Is it possible to upload straight to an album or at least have a way to see the pics that were recently uploaded. I had a hell of a time trying to find the pics that I just uploaded (among the other pics) that i wanted to add to an album)


    [From Susan – DropShots Support]
    Hello there Dannie! All your photos and videos are uploaded to your User Home page. It is there where you can select the photo and videos you want in what albums.

    Go here to learn more about Albums: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=87

    For faster 24/7 assistance be sure to access our Knowledge Base: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php

  9. Erik Says:

    This is cool. I like the homepage. I give this website a 5 star rating!

  10. Gabrielle Says:

    Hey, I was wondering how I can blog my pictures onto myspace. The Blogging action isn’t as simple as it used to be, so I’m still getting used to it. Is there any way you could walk me through blogging? I clicked on Blog and just got a link that doesn’t show the image on Myspace…
    Thank you.


    [From Susan – DropShots Support]

    For a step-by-step on posting onto your blog, please read here: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=40

    For future reference, you can also access the Knowledgebase, our online help guide by clicking on “Help” at the top right corner of your DropShots homepage. Or, you can click on this link: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=view

  11. Rick Says:

    Please bring back the higher quality fullsize video. The ability to view high quality, fullsize video is the reason I paid to become premium member. The video quality has been observed to decrease with each dropbox update and this is very disappointing and alarming.

    Love the ability to advance/previous to next photo/video by clicking on the edge of photo, now please do the same for the enlarged zoom view.

    Responding to previous comment…..

    [From Darren Hardy]
    Tony, if single click was allowed you wouldn’t be able to select multiple thumbnails to drag into albums or the trash – it would open up the large view every time when all you wanted to do was select it to drag. Make sense?

    Maybe double click is only required only owner? view should only need to single click.

  12. Tim Says:

    Thank you for continuing to upgrade the functionality of DropShots — this will only result in more and happier customers. That being said, it may become it’s own worst enemy (okay…maybe that’s a bit extremist)…let me explain via this suggestion.

    With my wife and my enjoyment and usage of DropShots as well as our friends’ and families’, more and more of them have created their own accounts. The issue lies in group activities. For instance, my wife, daughter and I were at a birthday party for a friend that happens to have a DropShots account. Two other Drop Shots families were at the same party. So we have 4 Drop Shots families at one party with 4 cameras clicking and flashing away.

    The issue lies in an easy way to share photos with your other Drop Shots friends. Although the simplest way I can think of, say, to share a photo of a Drop Shots friend’s son or daughter that I took, is to cut/paste the zoomed URL for the pic into an email and send it to them. They would, in turn, be required to browse to it, right-click-save-as, then upload it to their account via DropBox. This is tedious considering the essential start and end location is the same — Drop Shots servers…it’s just been copied to another account.

    So….here’s my suggestion. I’d love to see the addition of a feature similar to the following.

    From photo-owner’s Drop Shots account…
    1) Drag/drop a picture or pictures (similar to album drag/drop) onto a name in the Friends list

    From photo-receiver (friend) Drop Shots account…
    1) Maybe something like an “InBox” or “Drop In” section appears in the left-hand menu
    2) Listed are any Friends that have pending items that they’ve sent
    3) User can either accept or decline any photo
    3a) accepted photos are copied to the photo-receiver’s account
    3b) declined photos are just removed from the “InBox” or “Drop In” section

    I feel this functionality would be a great way for users to get other friends and family to join. If they know they can easily share photos between accounts, it’s just another reason for their friends and family to start a Drop Shots account!

    Thanks for considering!


  13. oliver t griswold Says:

    great suggestion by tim on sharing with other dropshot users.

    it would also be wonderful if we could have individual passwords for albums and selectively share each album with folks who perhaps we wouldn’t want to see *all* of our photos ‘n such.



  14. Andy Says:

    Thanks for some cool new features!
    I second Tim’s suggestions – however only after all the other planned changes are working smoothly as this probably would be a huge update.
    Quick question – has the ability to rate pictures been removed?
    If so why are you still advertising the feature on your front page?


    [From Susan — Customer Support]
    Yes, the photo rating feature is no longer available. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  15. Sadia Says:

    Are their still plans to revive the Search functionality? I’ve really been missing it!


    [From Susan – Customer Support]
    Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans currently to restore the search functionality. We are looking at it again for the future, though.

  16. Jason Says:

    I’m new to dropshots and really liking it so far. However, like some of the others I dont like having to double-click to open a photo. I understand why its that way, but couldn’t there be a way to have the user enable/disable this according to what they are doing to the album. Maybe a button to enable multiphoto selection or something like that.

    Also would love to be able to protect individual albums. I know you can view all photos from the homepage or date view, but could we have the ability to create special albums where the photos that are in those albums dont show up in the date view and home page. I like sharing my photos, but dont necessarily want everyone to see every photo I have. Or have sections…public and private.


    I really love the simplicity of the site. Love that the albums are not complex, full of links and advertisements. Also love that users do not have to sign up in order to view my albums.

    [From Susan – Customer Support]
    Actually, when you’re on your homepage (www.dropshots.com/your_user_name), you do not need to double click…just a single click is needed to open the photo/video to an enlarged view. You only need to double click on the thumbprints when you’ve either displayed ALL your files or just the files from a particular day, month, or year. This is necessary so that multiple files can be selected to delete them.

    Thank you for your suggestions regarding different privacy settings for albums. This is something we may consider for a future launch.

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