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Image Ordering Update

August 14th, 2007

Hello there!

Hopefully you have been watching the Improvement List and all the updates we have been making. This is thanks to a lot of your great input.

One update I wanted to call particular attention to was the change in ordering of images on DropShots. Now all images are arranged chronologically (proper calendar and time ordering) for all "By Date" navigation (before it was all most recent date and time at top, the down to oldest).

Now only the User Home is ordered by most recent date (then proper time sequence within that day). This is so you and your visitors are not seeing the same 1998 photos everytime the go to your site. Having the most recent date on the User Home page brings up the most recent photos to the top. Once clicked into the "By Date" navigation it will be in normal calendar and time chronology.

The Large View also is now ordered by oldest (or first within a day) downward. As you have said, this makes more sense in telling the story of a day, vacation or any other event.

Hope you like how it works now. Let us know!

15 Responses to “Image Ordering Update”

  1. Chrisie Says:

    Maybe I am dense, but I don’t understand why the ordering was changed so that my oldest pics (by date) show first. Now I see the same pics everytime I open my page instead of the most recent ones I’ve uploaded. Is it possible to add the functionality so that we, as owners of our pages, can decide the order….ascending or descending? Perhaps make it a setting that only the account owner can change? This way everyone is happy….just a thought. I do love all the other recent changes though! HUGE IMPROVEMENTS!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!

  2. Chrisie Says:

    Well, scratch that previous comment….my pics are back to being properly ordered. Strange, must have been a temporary glitch!!

  3. oliver t griswold Says:

    you could order all the photos and time in ascending date time order and simply index to the most recent date when initially displaying. that way folks will see the most recent date available and be able to scroll down through that date. they can also intuitively scroll up to see prior days. this would have advantage of preserving the proper order of photos across midnight. thanks…

  4. oliver t griswold Says:

    okay, i can’t just tell you how much i valued the old month view of the calendar with a single thumbnail for each day. i could so easily find the photos i was looking for with this feature. now, if i have a rough idea of the month i have to scroll through thousands of photos to try and see where the ones i’m hunting are. with the old calendar view i’d very quickly have an inkling as to where it was. i could then hit the week view and boom quickly see if it was there or not. again, was really hoping for the that same month view with random thumbnails as the old year view had (which was also real helpful for finding those vacation photos when i can’t remember three years ago exactly what day the vacation was). thanks…

  5. Michele K Says:

    I still miss the way it listed the dates, a title, and 3 thumbnails–and the calendar views as mentioned by the previous poster–but I am so glad you put the photos back in chronological order within days!

  6. Kim F Says:

    Where is the photo and video count that used to be on the homepage? It was very helpful to know when I was coming close to my limit of uploaded videos! Please bring it back!

  7. Todd B Says:

    I love what the Dropshots Team has done since they have first started this web site. I cannot tell you how easy it is to use and to share videos and photos with friends and family. In fact some of them have started using it to share their photos as well. Keep up the great work!!!

    I would like to suggest one thing thought….can you make it so that when a user clicks on the thumbnails pictures(on the homepage), from a double click to a single click? I really like to just single click everything I have on my computer. Thanks.

  8. michele rathbone Says:

    I think the above comment covered what I wanted to say… he just knows what words to use! I find it very confusing when I want to look at new pictures, and I click on one, and then the next one is not where I think it should be. The order is reversed.
    I, too, much prefer the old format, and would love for you to at least make it an option.


  9. kyria Says:

    Just wanted to know why the star next to my username has gone and my account says that I am a free member, when I have paid for monthly subscription. Thanks

    From Darren Hardy:
    We are working on adding the Star indicator back in but be rest assured your star status is just as active as ever!

  10. lindsey Says:

    Love the new chronological by date format! It makes much more sense when looking at a day’s sequence of events. Very cool addition being able to read the caption on photos from the homepage! Keep up the good work!

  11. Donna Says:

    Hey guys, I know you’re still hard at work. I’m getting used to the new format and it’s growing on me. I just wanted to say I LOVE what you’ve done with comments, letting us know from the thumbnails that there’s a comment AND letting us see it by rolling over w the mouse! Great feature! Thanks =)

  12. Vanessa Says:

    I’m still adjusting to this new layout and wondering if there is a way I can add a caption to my recent postings?

    How to here: http://support.dropshots.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=91

  13. Jill Says:

    I love the changes!

    One additional thing that might be nice is something to show you your last 10 pictures uploaded or something like that. I’m running into trouble when I upload a picture and for some reason the date isn’t coded correctly. I then have to just scroll around randomly trying to find it…

    From Darren Hardy:

    Yes, we are working on a Recently Uploaded function where you can caption and adjust dates on those images you have just uploaded before added to the total library.

  14. Whitney Says:

    Yahoo!! I love how my pictures tell a story again!! Thanks so much for putting them back in the order that they were taken!! I also love how we can read the captions on the pictures by simply scrolling over them….maybe this new dropshots will grow on me after all…we’ll see! haha;)

  15. Diana Says:

    Any chance of including a slide show option for the viewer?

    From Darren Hardy:
    Hi Diana, yes on the development list!

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