How to Take Better Holiday Photos

christmas scene
by MeiTeng

The holiday season is almost here, so soon all of us will grab our phones and cameras to shoot some holiday photos. If you look at your photos from last year, you may find that a lot of them didn’t turn out as well as you’d have liked – some are blurry, some are too dark, some look terrible because of the flash, and some are just not what you wanted them to be. But don’t worry, this year we at DropShots are going to give you some tips that will help you take better holiday photos.

1. Avoid Using the Flash by Adjusting Your ISO

In many situations, it’s OK to use your camera’s automatic mode. But if you’re shooting indoor holiday photos, your camera will most likely start using the flash. This will result in unnatural colors and nasty shadows on people’s faces. Simply disabling the flash is not an option because your photos may become out of focus. The solution is to switch your camera to program mode and adjust the ISO settings. Setting your ISO higher will let your camera use less light and help you avoid the flash. Don’t set the ISO too high, though, because it will result in grainy images. Just make sure you practice adjusting ISO setting beforehand and you’ll have red-eye-free photos filled with warmth.

2. Get to the Kids’ Eye Level

If you are taking photos of children or photos with children, remember to get down to their eye level. These photos of your little ones looking at the camera at their natural height will become little treasures for years to come. I know that it may feel weird to stay in the room with  a three-year-old when all the adults move to the other room. It also may feel uncomfortable to sit down on the floor with your camera, but the results will be worth it. Of course, you can always shoot photos of kids from your height, but then the photos will look less warm. Get down to the kids’ eye level and you’ll be getting a great photo plus their view of the world.

3. Go for Special Moments

We are so used to asking people to turn our way, smile, or even “Say CHEESE!”, that we often lose the point of photography – to capture the moment. So instead of badgering everyone and asking them to pose for photos, try to be discreet and capture those special moments that will become precious memories.

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