How to Find Duplicate Photos on Your PC or Mac

duplicate photosIn the age of smartphones, digital cameras, services like Instagram and DropShots we all take lots and lots of photos. Most of the time we take several shots of the same subject to make sure at least one of them turns out perfect and that’s how we end up with dozens of duplicates or very similar pictures. As these duplicates accumulate, your photo library becomes bloated and hard to manage. Here is a list of some very good duplicate photo finders for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

This program is my absolute favorite because it’s very accurate and easy to use at the same time. You can use it to find and delete duplicate photos and also to manage similar images like photos taken with different settings, resized and edited images, and so on. I take photos with a Nikon D5000 dSLR, so one of my favorite bits about Duplicate Photo Cleaner is its ability to find duplicate RAW files. That saves me a lot of time because I simply pop my SD card into my card reader, scan it with the program, use Preview to compare photos and get rid of all unneeded shots before I upload them to my Mac for post production. Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a Windows and a Mac version. There’s a free trial version that allows you to scan all you want and delete up to 10 duplicates; the full version costs $39.95.

2. VisiPics

If you are a Windows or a Linux user and want a basic but free program to find duplicate photos and similar shots, give VisiPics a try. Even though it doesn’t have a very nice interface, it’s pretty effective and fast, plus it has adjustable similarity levels. It also has a feature to preview the duplicates, which really is a must for photo comparison software. The last stable version was released more than a year ago and can be downloaded from VisiPics’ official website.

3. Photo Sweeper

This is a very good program for Mac users who use iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom. Photo Sweeper has all the features you may need to find duplicates and similar photos. Its interface is very intuitive and supports drag & drop for files and folders. The program comes in two varieties: the Lite version for $4.99 and the Full version for $9.99. Bother can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

These are my favorite tools for managing my photos and getting rid of duplicates. Use them regularly and you will save disk space and organize your photo library at the same time.

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  • August 27, 2016 at 10:27 am

    I use VisiPics a lot on my Windows PC. It does a great job, although the processing algorithm could be improved (it is slow to process). I like Similarity app as another tool which is available for Mac and PC. I just used it remove the duplicates on my Google Photos via Google Drive. For Similarity app, you want image comparison method at 100%. But when you do Auto Mark files (Ctrl+A), set your threshold at 95% so all your duplicates get marked. Once marked, you can delete your duplicates easily.


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