How to Delete Duplicates from Photos

delete duplicates from PhotosIf you have OS X Yosemite or El Capitan, most likely you’re using the new Photos app that replaced iPhoto. While Photos has some great Cloud, organizing, sharing and editing features, it still doesn’t have a built-in duplicate finder. And that’s a real shame because most people take several shots of the same subject to get it just right. Plus think of all these resized and touched-up photos. Worse still, not every duplicate finder supports Photos because of the way the app deletes images. Luckily, there are duplicate finders that can delete duplicates from Photos quickly and easily.

If you ask me what sort of a duplicate finder is best for managing images, I’ll say that what you actually need is an image similarity finder because most people have too many similar photos that are not exact duplicates (no, resized photos are not exact duplicates even they are versions of the same image). An app called Duplicate Photo Cleaner recognizes similar images just the way you would and makes it easy to manage your albums and photos on your SD cards. And the best bit is that the Mac versionĀ supports Photos.

Scanning your Photos library for duplicates and similar images is really easy. All you need to do is select Photos Scan as the scan mode and start the scan. When done, you will be able to select the photos you want to get rid of (Duplicate Photo Cleaner makes it really easy to compare photos side-by-side or in Multi-Viewer). When you’re done, Duplicate Photo Cleaner will move the images you’ve marked to an album within Photos called “DPC Trash”. That’s because a third-party app can’t delete anything from Photos, so it just moves the duplicates to the trash album. Anyway, when that’s done, simply go back to Photos and delete the contents of the “DPC Trash” album. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? It’s true that going back to Photos is a step too many, but that’s how Apple made it.

In any case, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an app that everyone with a large image library needs because it makes it really easy to organize photos. The app is available for Windows and Mac.

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