Even Sharper Images!

The DropShots software development engineers have outdone themselves again as it relates to making your images look as good as possible on DropShots. I won’t get too technical here – but will say that the DropShots upload software was modified to make your images even brighter, sharper, and more vivid than ever before. The new sharper images take a little more room to store on our servers, but we feel it’s worth it to make everyone’s images look as good as possible. Please take a look at the images below to see the difference (it’s subtle, but we feel significant); the image on top uses the original uploading software and the image below was uploaded with the new uploader.

Your images will be enhanced the same way whether you use the Dropbox or the web uploader.

Original Image


New and improved image quality

The DropShots team is always looking for ways to make your images look as good as possible – and we won’t stop here.

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