Essential Navigation Tips for Your DropShots Account

dropshots settingsI’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been changing some things on DropShots and introducing new design and navigation elements. While we got lots of positive feedback, there were people who had problems with the new interface because they couldn’t find some things. In this post I’ll show you what’s new so that you can navigate around your DropShots account without any problems.

Sorting Order

By default, you photos are sorted by the date when they were taken. This is convenient if all your camera settings are correct, but it can makes things difficult to find if you are uploading scanned photos. Now you can sort photos either by the date they were taken or by upload date. To change how you want DropShots to sort your photos, go to Settings.

And then select Upload date as your preferred sorting order.

by upload date

Don’t forget to scroll down and click on the green Save Settings button at the bottom of the Settings page. Otherwise your changes will not be saved.

Save settings

Viewing by Year, Month and Day

Those of you who panicked when they didn’t see years and months in the sidebar will be pleased to know that you can still view your photos by year, month and day. Have a look at the bar on the top of your account and you will see years.

sort by year

Click on a year and you’ll see all the photos you uploaded that year:

sort by year


But let’s say you want to view photos posted in July 2014. No problem! Just hove over the year in question and click on the little blue triangle below it. A list of months will expand. Click on the month you want to view and your photos will load:

sort by month


You can also navigate your photos by specific date. Just expand the year to show months and then click on the “+” sign to expand the month to show you dates. Click on the date you want to view:

sort by day

Organize Photos in Albums

If you want to change the order of the photos in your albums, you can simply drag them around to reorder them. Just click on a photo and drag it wherever you want it to be.

I hope this post helps you navigate your DropShots account. If you have any questions or have an idea for a future DropShots blog post, tell us in your comments.

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