DropShots Video Size and Speed

Hello All!

To improve the speed of video streaming and viewing experience you will notice we changed the size of the video viewing screen.

When we first introduced DropShots 2.0 we deployed a screen size of 650X400. Because it requires a considerably bigger and "heavier" video to display in that size it caused extensive buffering and viewing interruptions on some internet connections.

To eliminate this problem and to make viewing video nearly immediate and seamless we adjusted it to:

Premium User: 480X360
Standard User: 400X300

As an aside, the previous version of DropShots was 320X240 for both Premium and Standard users.

How can we deliver a bigger video faster? We greatly improved the video encoder which allows us to deliver the bigger video with an improved viewing experience.

As always, thanks for all your enthusiastic support. We appreciate you!

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