How to Recover Your Photos from a Corrupted SD Card

sd card image recoverySo you’ve inserted your SD cart into your card reader to move new photos to your computer only to see a bunch of file errors and weird file names. The bad news is that your SD card got corrupted. But the good news is that your photos are still there and you can easily recover them without having to buy any software. Read on to find out how.

Why Did My SD Card Get Corrupted?

This is a very common questions that doesn’t have a definite answer. Very often SD cards get corrupted because people eject them from the camera before powering the camera off. Another common reason for SD card failures is poor quality of the cards, so make sure you buy a trusted brand and not the cheapest option if you don’t want to lose your photos. In any case, if the SD card still shows the signs of life, it should be possible to recover your pictures. Read more

Useful DropShots Privacy Customization Tips to Improve Your Experience

dropshots privacy settingsDropShots have lots of settings and options for making your photo sharing experience just great. We’ve already covered how to edit your photos on DropShots, the formats DropShots supports, using DropShots iPhone app, DropShots navigation and more. Today I’m going to show you how to customize DropShots settings.

DropShots Privacy Settings

I’m sure that a lot of DropShots users simply post photos and videos the way they do on Facebook and don’t check the privacy settings. And that’s a shame because DropShots is very customizable when it comes to your privacy. Read more

How to Delete Duplicates from Photos

delete duplicates from PhotosIf you have OS X Yosemite or El Capitan, most likely you’re using the new Photos app that replaced iPhoto. While Photos has some great Cloud, organizing, sharing and editing features, it still doesn’t have a built-in duplicate finder. And that’s a real shame because most people take several shots of the same subject to get it just right. Plus think of all these resized and touched-up photos. Worse still, not every duplicate finder supports Photos because of the way the app deletes images. Luckily, there are duplicate finders that can delete duplicates from Photos quickly and easily.

If you ask me what sort of a duplicate finder is best for managing images, I’ll say that what you actually need is an image similarity finder because most people have too many similar photos that are not exact duplicates (no, resized photos are not exact duplicates even they are versions of the same image). An app called Duplicate Photo Cleaner recognizes similar images just the way you would and makes it easy to manage your albums and photos on your SD cards. And the best bit is that the Mac version supports Photos. Read more

How to Transform Your Photos in One Click with DropShots

Penarth piers
Unedited original photo taken with HTC Desire S

Did you ever wish your DropShots photos looked just perfect? I’m sure some of you use some sort of image editing software to make photos look better. But you don’t have to use any third-party software to make your DropShots pictures shine – all you need to do is upload them and use the DropShots Editor to enhance them in one click. In this article I’m going to show you how to quickly touch up your photos and make them shine. I’m going to use a very ordinary shot of Penarth piers taken with an old HTC phone camera as an example.

Getting Started

So I’ve uploaded the photo to my DropShots account. Now I’m going to open it with the Editor from the photo’s page by clicking on the paint brush icon next to the photo: Read more

How to Upload and Manage Photos with DropShots iOS App

Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then we recommend you to download the official DropShots app for iOS. With this app you can upload photos to your DropShots account on the go. In this post we’re going to show you how to use the app.

How to Upload Photos

First you’ll need to log into your DropShots account from the app. You will then be able to upload your content. To upload photos using the app, click on the Uploads icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen and then click on the “+” sign to start adding photos or videos. Read more

Essential Navigation Tips for Your DropShots Account

dropshots settingsI’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been changing some things on DropShots and introducing new design and navigation elements. While we got lots of positive feedback, there were people who had problems with the new interface because they couldn’t find some things. In this post I’ll show you what’s new so that you can navigate around your DropShots account without any problems.

Sorting Order

By default, you photos are sorted by the date when they were taken. This is convenient if all your camera settings are correct, but it can makes things difficult to find if you are uploading scanned photos. Now you can sort photos either by the date they were taken or by upload date. To change how you want DropShots to sort your photos, go to Settings. Read more

How to Find Duplicate Photos on Your PC or Mac

duplicate photosIn the age of smartphones, digital cameras, services like Instagram and DropShots we all take lots and lots of photos. Most of the time we take several shots of the same subject to make sure at least one of them turns out perfect and that’s how we end up with dozens of duplicates or very similar pictures. As these duplicates accumulate, your photo library becomes bloated and hard to manage. Here is a list of some very good duplicate photo finders for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

This program is my absolute favorite because it’s very accurate and easy to use at the same time. You can use it to find and delete duplicate photos and also to manage similar images like photos taken with different settings, resized and edited images, and so on. Read more

How to Upload Your Photos and Videos the Easy Way

Storing your photos with DropShots has a lot of advantages – your photos are securely backed up in the cloud, you can share them with your friends and family whenever you want to, you can access them from anywhere, no matter where you are. Plus it’s an efficient way to organize your photo collection. Plus it’s FREE. However, there are people who still prefer organizing their photos the traditional way because they think that uploading them online will take a lot of time. But that’s not so. With DropShots you can upload your photos really quickly and easily.

DropShots offers two ways to upload files – the traditional browser uploader and DropBox, a desktop tool that allows you to drag & drop files and folders to upload them. While the browser uploader is great for uploading one or two photos, DropBox is ideal for uploading albums. The advantages are obvious – you can upload folders with your photos by simply dragging them into the app window.

Using DropBox is really easy. When you log into your DropShots account for the first time, you will be offered to upload some photos. The first option will be to download the app:


Click on Get DropBox and download the installation file. When the download is finished, install and run the app. You will be prompted to enter your DropShots username and password and then you are ready to upload your photos. To upload your photos, simply drag & drop them into the app window in the Windows notification area:

upload photos

Once your photos and videos are uploaded, your account will be opened in a new browser tab, so that you can view your photos and organize them in your DropShots storage space.

As you can see, uploading photos with our app couldn’t be easier!