Album Organization

Based on your requests, we’ve change the way Albums are organized in the left navigation pane of your DropShots site. In the past, each Album (or folder) stayed in the order in which it was created – with the newest Album at top and the oldest Album at the bottom. Many of you wanted them in a specific order, for example your "favorite pictures" always on top, and this just wasn’t possible – until now.

Now your Albums are in alphanumeric order (numbers first, then a-z). We concluded that this methodology would provide the most flexibility – you can now label your albums so that they can show up in any order. For example; if you want a specific folder to show up at the top of your list you can just give it a name with a number or letter that falls before any of the other names in your list. Here are some ideas to help out with your organization:

Let’s say you wanted everything to continue to be ordered by date, then just put the date in the name like "08-06-15 Zoo Trip." Using this method will result in all of your Albums in chronological order with the oldest at the top and newest below like the example below.

Album Order by Number

Or perhaps you want your "Favorite Picts" folder to always stay on top: you could label it like: "1 – Favorite Picts."

Album Order by Date

I’m sure you get the idea, you now have total control of how your albums are ordered.

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