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DropShots 2.0 Coming…

June 5th, 2007


We are quickly approaching the release of DropShots 2.0. If you like DropShots (even just a little) you will LOVE what’s coming!

Even easier, faster and simpler to use.

Our very talented technology team has created new proprietary technology systems making it even easier to manage and view all your important memories. These new technologies will also make DropShots lightening fast!

Higher quality and more features.

DropShots 2.0 will enable higher quality files, larger photos and full screen videos. New features will include drag-n-drop album creation, bulk deleting and date changing, one-click posting to blogs, and new sorting and organizing features like tagging, ratings and friends updates.

And more privacy, security and ways to share.

These are just a few highlights of the many exciting features to be unveiled in our completely updated service launching within 30-60 days. All these new features will be added for – no additional costs!

Keep sharing those memories!

Darren Hardy 
CEO DropShots, Inc.

P.S. More important update information to follow – stay tuned!

43 Responses to “DropShots 2.0 Coming…”

  1. admin Says:

    I am SOOOO looking forward to this!!

  2. henrywang Says:

    sweet! Man, i love you guys! 🙂

  3. Martin Greene Says:

    Love the service for sharing, with one exception:

    Will viewers be able to download pics to their desktops full size? Videos?

    I don’t see that feature currently, but maybe I’m just missing it. Thanks.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to it

  5. Snehal Bhakta Says:

    I upgraded to the lifetime membership and my wife was made! Now, I think she’ll be making me dinner tonite… The features are just what we are looking for…


  6. stacey Says:

    can’t wait!

  7. Taka Torimoto Says:

    One of the biggest “drawbacks” is DropShots is missing Tags/Labels and the ability to (heck, automatically!) create an Album motif. Ideally, I’d love to see a service that automatically creates Albums based on tags/labels and/or Categories of photos. But don’t get rid of the Calendar view – that is what makes DropShots unique (and it is definitely a neat view) – but sometimes an Album view is more appropriate. The Calendar View can just be another way to view the collection of photos/videos!

  8. shirleyuf Says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂 Love this site!

  9. Alfred Says:

    This looks great and I think speed is important. The inface looks easy to work with and has greater control.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out!!! I’m been anticipating it since I heard about it. Looking forward to the new features!

  11. Reg Healey Says:

    Can’t wait to view the new and improved dropshots! Love the site ..especially that I can use it free even limited. Great way to share with my family as we all live in different places

  12. Rose Ann Sauer Says:

    I can’t wait for the new Dropshots 2.0!! My daughter-in-law put us onto Dropshots over a year ago & we just love it. She & my son & our 2 year old granddaughter live in Oregon & we live in Missouri so this has been a FANTASTIC way for us to be able to feel like we are right there. We can see our granddaughter, Mia, growing and watch some of the videos to see some of the new things she is doing.

    Thank you so much for this site & looking forward to seeing these new improvements.

    Rose Ann Sauer

  13. C. Hardy Says:

    Will the new interface require uploading or will you simply see something new when you log in? (Similar to the changes Yahoo makes, for example.) I don’t have the latest and greatest operating system, so I worry when these types of changes come that I will still be able to use Dropshots.

    I recommend Dropshots to everyone. It really is the best photo site.

    What I like is that there is a chronology that can be easily seen as you go up and down the screen (rather than the photo album approach used by other companies such as Google Picasa). It looks more like a daytimer with photos.


  14. mario Aguila Says:

    will the new video size apply automatically for videos uploaded before the upgrade?

  15. Shannon Says:

    DropShots rocks! I look forward to this!

  16. meriam Says:

    Very Exciting!- I can’t wait!!!!!

  17. April Says:

    Can’t wait!

  18. watchitgjc Says:

    This looks very cool . I can’t wait to try it !

  19. Dan Says:

    i think this new version could be the push i need to get a premium membership. hope its all mac compatible

  20. dave forrester Says:

    dropshots is awesome now it will really rock

  21. cubagold Says:

    brilliant that looks fantastic, I cant wait, I have been a fan of dropshots for a while now but the new dropshots looks fantastic.Glad I stuck with it….cubagold

  22. Henry Says:

    I am waiting the new version for a long time because the old version maybe has some “bug”. When I choose the date of year which I am looking all the photo in your server, I cannot see all the photo, sometimes one of them only.

  23. Casey Says:

    A feature that would be neat that may already be in 2.0 would be if it could pull the tags and captions from the new windows gallery in vista. That way if you add a caption on the computer, it automaticly applies that as the caption in dropshots.

    Also a way to change the date for an entire collection of photos on one day. I pulled some photos that were processed off of a film camera but wern’t put on disk until a couple months after they were taken. I didn’t think anything of it until I uploaded them and they appeared on the wrong date. It is very time consuming to change the date for a lot of photos or delete a lot of photos.

    On the positive note, this is by far the easiest and best web site I have found for sharing photos AND VIDEOS. I tried another web site but the videos would never work correctly. Arranging photos by date is an incredibly great idea because most people don’t have time to create albums. Plus the ability to drag and drop photos to the program on your computer that automaticly puts them on your web site is great, I can drop them in there and if there are a lot of photos just continue doing something else. Now I don’t have anyone bugging me for resent pictures of my new born son, if anything I am bugging them to see if they have checked them out yet..


  24. Steve Kamilar Says:

    Glad to hear you guys aren’t hanging around with the status quo! Wanted to know if the quality of the videos…specifically the motion jitter…will be improving? I’ve seen other sites, also using flash, that have really smoooth video playback. In the meantime, good luck on the new release!

  25. Craig Smith Says:

    great news…!

  26. lou Says:

    The improvements look great! You should have a way of making suggestions for improvement. Also, I would really like the option of captions being pulled from the pic/vid filename rather than having to manually enter them. Again, thanks for what your doing.

  27. Dr. N. S. Balaji Rao Says:

    Really it ia a wonderful gift for each and everybody on the earth. it is very easy to add our own photos and videos. it is woderful phenomina. my sincere salutations to the software and the organisers those who are organising this beautiful event.

    Dr. N.S. Balaji Rao
    SVETA, TTD, Tirupati, Andhra pradesh, India

  28. adentse Says:

    Perfect!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I have been telling all my relatives and friends who have been complaining the loading speed of my dropshots page. Now I can tell them to shut up and enjoy my baby’s photos and videos!!! Thank you!!! Dropshots rule!!!!

  29. Carlos Says:

    Looks good and I sure hated that price drove me to order thru Wal-Mart. Your site is more user friendly/fun to use. I ordered close to 2 thousand pics from wal-mart and I can asure to you is difficult process and the help is weak, but is “cheaper by the thousand” (a few pennys add up as the number gets bigger) and free shipping when picking up @ the store (there is always one close. At the end money talks. I hope you get more competitive, specially for bigger #. I do like your site a lot, congrats and cudos to the developers.

  30. Chris from Toronto Says:

    They say to give credit where credit is due…

    You guys offer an excellent service already. For me, the Dropshots value proposition is in its simplicty in uploading and managing the content. I’m very much looking forward to the improved speed in the next release.

    Keep it up – you’re doing a great job!


  31. Dee Carter Says:

    Hey There ~

    WOW–I can’t wait to experience your new features! My family and friends keep up with me via my DropShots site and we will ALL appreciate speedier viewing! Thanks for being so in tune with our needs!

  32. stephen Says:

    looks amazng…….. looking forward for it……..

  33. C. Kelley Says:

    I just purchased a lifetime membership after reading this news! I’ve been a member for a few months, but I always thought I’d eventually find something “better”. Well, there’s nothing better than this out there. I love the fact that you offer unlimitted photos AND videos. What a deal!!! Keep up the great job!

  34. Kathy Howard Says:

    I love love love Drop Shots. We adopted a little girl from Kyrgyzstan in January and were able to record our entire trip and share with loved ones along the way. We have continued to keep up the site and love getting the notes from our family and friends. I have also referred 2 other couples that are or have adopted. I know one that is already using it.

    Question….I would love to see a way to record all of the postings and comments onto a storage device (CD, Flash Drive, etc.). I want to be able to make a permanent memory keepsake for our daughter that she will have for years and years to come. Any thoughts about adding this feature?

  35. Asim Says:

    Sounds good 🙂 I like the idea of being able to view all the pics in one go but I also liked the idea of being able to see the comments at the same time on the side. Could we not mix and match the comments as well as the pics on the same page? I guess I’m fond of friends and family leaving comments on the pics and others being able to catch up with it.

  36. Malini Says:

    Woohoo! I LOVE Dropshots! Have become a lifetime member and look forward to all the cool features, quick question do you still have codes to publish thumbnails on a website or does that code change/not exist any longer? Thanks!! Congratulations on your adorabe baby!

  37. Michael Reilly Says:

    What about the titles of the photos? Is that not possible any more?

  38. M.Hinojosa Says:

    Where is settings on this new format i have been searching for awhile!

  39. DP Says:

    where is the help system? I’m having difficulties with videos.

  40. kimberly Says:

    I cannot figure out how to oder pictures from the new format. I have clicked everywhere and sent an email. Can you help me?

  41. HELP ME PLEASE Says:

    I don’t have a clue now as to how to download the video onto dropshots…I have downloaded the dropbox and can’t find the video anywhere. I went into your help menu and did exactly as it stated and still nothing. Help me please…When you login it should tell you that you are logged in….It doesn’t. I have logged in both at the home page (website) as well as at the dropbox location. Please help me!

  42. rami Says:

    Unless you type in www. in the front of the web address you are unable to view anything. Many people including all my relatives do not have their book mark of this site with a www. in front of the address. Can we please fix this so my friends and family can figure out how to view my photos again?

  43. Shannon Ferguson Says:

    I’m not liking the new format at all. It is too hard to find the pictures/videos that i want to display. They get lost in all the clutter on the front page. I just sent out the link for people to look at new photos and some people aren’t looking in the right place. The have instead scrolled down and looked at all the photos that have been commented on and added comments to these. It is perhaps hard to identify the new videos because the picture is covered over by the huge video play icon so you can’t even see the face, all you see is the caret.

    I don’t think we need the comments on the front page.

    Also i can’t see the whole video when I play it. It should open in a real full size window and not be obscured and crunched by all the drop shot header stuff. Why can’t it open in a page where all you see is the video and our explorer toolbars without all the dropshot extraneous stuff.

    Thanks for you work and please consider these changes.

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