5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Flower Photos with Your Smartphone

flower photography tipsThere’s nothing as charming as beautiful photos of flowers. I bet you’ve often wanted to try your hand at flower photography… If only you had all that expensive equipment, right? Wrong! You can take stunning photos of flowers with nothing but your smartphone and here are five tips that will help.

1. Use Soft Light to Avoid Sharp Shadows

Flowers are delicate creations and you’d want them to look that way in your photos. In most cases, flowers look their best when they are shot in soft light, which doesn’t produce sharp shadows. The result is an evenly lit subject with every single detail clearly visible. To achieve this, avoid shooting in direct sunlight and wait for the sun to go behind a cloud. And if you’re shooting indoors, avoid using flash at all costs.

2. Use a Very Simple Background

Have you noticed that the best photos of flowers have very simple backgrounds? They are either shot against a single color background in a studio, or with a lot of bokeh effect to blur the background. Colorful flowers look great on black background, but you can also experiment with other colors, like creamy white, tender yellow, and so on. Also a clear blue sky is a great natural background.

3. Be on the Same Level

Flower photography is a bit like child photography – your shots will look their best if you get to the same level with your subject. Doing this will not only provide the viewer with an interesting angle, but also makes your subject appear much bigger and detailed.

4. Crop it Well

Even the most ordinary flower photos can turn out great if you crop them the right way. When you are cropping your photos, make sure you cut off everything irrelevant that makes it hard for the viewer to focus on the subject. Or you could fill the whole frame with the flower and make a not-so-good photo a really stunning one.

5. Shoot Dewy Blooms

And my last tip is the simplest one – wait for dewdrops or raindrops to decorate the blooms. Tiny drops of water will transform your images and make your flower photography look more inviting. Oh, and if there’s no dew or rain, you can always sprinkle some water on the flowers just before you start taking photos.

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